NASA Upgrades 2012 Solar Storm Warnings Ticker Tape At National Geographic. / 2012

Heading into The Milky Way’s Dark Rift

Ticker Tape running 2012 – 2013

Be Prepared for this! Have Supplies for a year or two. They say? They think they could fix the grid in 6 months to 5 years? Would it ever be the same? Their crews under ground who plan to do the repairs, are they going to survive and not be caved in upon? And What about the 7 years cycle?

Important Note:

Be sure To copy all of this formation and stories to your hard drive so they will not be lost for ever when every thing does crash!

What To Do Plans: When Electric Grids Are Out In Storms/ Ice Storms /Earth Quakes!

 Buffalohair has been telling us about Earth Changes for a number of years!  Finally all together is a list of Buffalohair’s Writings on the Subject.


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