Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

Wang Ping ‘Kinship of Rivers’ Project Returns to ‘The Colony’. Trinidad Colorado

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As promised Award Winning Laureate Wang Ping returns to The Colony to prepare her Traditional Chinese Dumpling. Kinship of Rivers continues to inspire unity and bring respect to our most precious commodity, water. Mni Wiconi, Water is Life and Wang Ping made the pilgrimage to the Oceti Sakowin Camp, along the Cannon Ball River. It became a sacred journey, a story you must hear.

Ms. Ping will share her tales of life and the people who inspired them, along the river. It’s not just about dumplings, it’s about life, cultures, diversity as well as commonalities that make us uniquely human. Kinship is a bond that needs few worlds to describe for it is more a feeling of deeper understanding, trust and sanctuary, a novelty in today’s world. She’ll be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, 81082 on May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Renowned Artist/Activist Sitt Nyein Aye of Burma will also be painting Murals and Big & little kids are most welcome to participate with Sitt and express themselves in color. Wang Ping will display her Everest Flag Installations. Everyone can create a flag with personal statements, concerns prayers or whatever floats their canoe in the spirit of sharing and cultural expression.

Visitors from around the planet encouraged to bring their traditional regalia, music, and stories, join in on the conversation. If you’re from another universe, ‘Sí, hablamos Pleiadean & Andromedian’. Carbon and sodium based life forms welcome. Abductions and probing prohibited where posted.  BYOAC: Bring Your Own Aluminum Cap. Bring sense of humor

Minstrels welcome to wandering about eh. Hopefully a mix of cultures will converge on this humble little gathering to give a truly international flavor to this humble event. Human beings from a throughout the universe and multi dimensional planes are invited to celibate water with Wang Ping, Sitt Nyein Aye and the artists from ‘The Colony’.

Regardless of the state of it’s state of matter, water is water.

Wang Ping will be at the Amato Lumber Yard Complex, 224 E. Godding, Trinidad, Colorado, on Sunday May 21st at 3:00 pm.

Open agenda & room for improv. 

Info:, ask for Guido, Capice?

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Denver Stands with Standing Rock ShadowCatcherPro


Denver Stands with Standing Rock ShadowCatcherPro

Published on Oct 29, 2016

March and Rally to bring attention to Wells Fargo and SM Energy, two corporations behind the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline opposed by hundreds of Indigenous nations now gathered along the Cannon Ball and Missouri Rivers in North Dakota in a common struggle to end the pipeline project and to protect the water for future generations of millions of water drinkers downstream from this location.

American Land Grab: California Valley Miwok Tribe Being Evicted and Bloodline Stolen

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Holy Man Film / WOPILA!!! WE DID IT!

Holy Man Film


And when we say WE we mean all of you who backed the project, who shared the posts, who let us take over your FaceBook pages, who got the word out. WE ALL DID THIS TOGETHER!

Our heartfelt thanks to ALL OF YOU who have been so committed to getting the truth out. WOPILA!

Please stay tuned for more updates in the coming days. For now we leave you with Douglas’ prayer:

“Grandfather, Great Spirit,

I pray to you that you will hear me

That you will have mercy on me, and all the people

I pray to the Four Directions, through this sun dance song

I pray for all the children and the elderlies

All my relations”

-Douglas White


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2 Hours To Go / Holy Man Film

2 Hours To Go / Holy Man Film

Holy Man Film

pledged of $25,000 goal
hours to go

Back This Project $1 minimum pledge
This project will only be funded if at least $25,000 is pledged by Thursday Aug 1, 1:08am EDT.
Funding period
Jul 1, 2013 – Aug 1, 2013

WOPILA! Heartfelt thanks to all of our amazing supporters! The pledges are really picking up! Our newest backers:

Thelma Moore
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