Delaware women like to joke too

Blog Entry Delaware women like to joke too Nov 26, ’08 10:57 PM
by Ann for everyone

Delaware women like to joke too, and they come up with some quick and witty responses. The following is an example:


At a tribal gathering a man went over to speak to a Delaware woman he knew. As she was seated, and the place was fairly noisy, he bent over to talk to her. He had a piece of ice in his mouth, and as he started to speak he almost drooled, so he quickly stood up straight.

“What’s the matter?” she asked.

“I have some ice in my mouth and I almost drooled on you,” he replied.

Her response was, “Oh, go ahead! It’s been a long time since I’ve had a man drool over me.”


Two Indian women were discussing the merits and faults of their respective husbands. “Mary,” said Mollie, “does your ole man talk in his sleep?”

“Nah,” replied Mary, “I jus’ wish he would. All he does is jus’ lay there an’ grin.”


A Delaware woman was at a church meeting one time, and she was praying in her Lenape language. The next morning, one old Lenape man told another man, “I think that woman knows bad medicine!”

“Why do you think that?” the other man asked.

“I heard her praying that she wanted God to watch over her as she flew through the air.”

He didn’t realize she was leaving the following week on a plane trip to Canada.


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