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Floyd Red Crow Westerman Dakota Sioux.Red Crow
Folk / Country / AcousticAbout Red Crow FLOYD RED CROW WESTERMAN, American Indian activist and country folk singer, was born on the Sisseton-Wahpeton Dakota Sioux reservation in South Dakota in 1936. In the Dakota language RED CROW is pronounced ‘Kanghi Duta’. At the age of ten, he was sent to a government boarding school 80 miles off the reservation. He graduated from high school on the Flandreau South Dakota Sioux reservation, and continued on to Northern State College, South Dakota, majoring in Speech, Theater and Art. He earned a degree in Secondary Education, as well as beginning work on a Law Degree.

Well known on the country-folk singing circuit, RED CROW began his career in Colorado, and in 1969 he signed his first recording contract in New York. His first album, “Custer Died For Your Sins”, based on Vine Deloria Jr.’s book, was released in 1970. The release of “Custer” led him to personal appearances throughout the U. S. and eventually worldwide. His second album, “The Land is Your Mother” was released in 1982. Since 1980 his concerts, in support of Human Rights for Indigenous People of the World, have taken him on more than 60 trips to Europe, Central and South America, as well as the U.S. and Canada. As a leader in the North American Indian Movement, he is actively involved in all aspects of human rights which includes, the recognition of treaty, land and religious rights. In 1999, he was elected national co-Chair of the Coalition Against Racism in Sports.

To raise funds for the Rain Forest Foundation Project, in the early 90s RED CROW went on a worldwide tour with musician Sting. RED CROW’S commitment to help stop the cutting of the Rain Forest in the Amazon jungle gave him the opportunity to have an audience with many foreign dignitaries including, the Pope, Prince Charles, and President Mitterand of France.

RED CROW’S many personal appearances include concerts and song writing collaborations with such well known artists as Willie Nelson, Joni Mitchell, Kris Kristofferson, Richie Havens, Buffy Saint Marie, Jackson Browne, and Harry Belafonte. He also appears in Sting’s video, released by A&M records and directed by Academy Award nominated director Jean Pierre Detelleux.

RED CROW made his big screen debut in the motion picture RENEGADES, directed by Jack Sholder. He played Arthur, the Lakota Sioux father to Lou Diamond Phillips. Since that time his list of screen credits has continued to grow. His work with a number of prestigious directors includes Kevin Costner, who was quick to cast him as the third lead in DANCES WITH WOLVES. Floydâs brilliant and memorable portrayal of Chief Ten Bears earned him worldwide acclaim and recognition in the motion picture industry.

Director Oliver Stone cast RED CROW in the pivotal role of a Shaman and spiritual guide to Jim Morrison in THE DOORS. RED CROW’S portrayal of such notable characters as No Ears, in BUFFALO GIRLS, Grandfather Fool Bull in LAKOTA WOMAN, and Wilf in CLEARCUT, is unforgettable. In 1999, Floyd once again played the classic role of the tribal elder in director Richard Attenborough’s GREY OWL, starring Pierce Brosnan.

Network television quickly became aware of RED CROW’S talents and cast him as Uncle Ray in the series WALKER TEXAS RANGER. His numerous television roles include guest leads in Northern Exposure, The Pretender, L.A. Law, X-Files, Millennium, Roseanne, Dharma and Greg, and a cameo appearance as Sitting Bull in the four-hour mini-series, SON OF THE MORNING STAR, directed by Mike Robe. RED CROW brings a sense of dignity, honor, tradition, and heritage to all his acting pursuits. While working with other creative personnel, he promotes and teaches understanding, tradition and the meaning of all things sacred to Indian people. He continues to pursue his acting career and dedicating his life to the causes of human rights and environmental issues. He feels he is carrying the ‘baton’ passed on to him by fellow actor Will Sampson who received it from Chief Dan George.

Floyd Red Crow Westerman ö Filmography

Feature Films Date Character Director

RENEGADES 1989 Red Crow Jack Sholder

POWWOW HIGHWAY 1989 (CB voice) Jonathan Wacks

DANCES WITH WOLVES 1990 Chief Ten Bears Kevin Costner

THE DOORS 1991 Shaman Oliver Stone

CLEARCUT 1992 Wilf Richard Bugjaski

THE BRAVE 1997 Papa Johnny Depp

NATURALLY NATIVE 1998 Chairman Pico Valerie Red-Horse

GREY OWL 1998 Chief Wuttanee Richard Attenborough

Television Series Date Character Episode

MacGYVER 1988 Two Eagles Mask of the Wolf

HARDBALL 1989 Indian The Cleveland Indian


LEGENDS OF THE WEST 1993 narration

THE X-FILES 1995 Albert Hosteen Paper Clip

ROSEANNE 1995 Old Indian Last Thursday Nov.

THE PRETENDER 1997 Ernie Two Feathers Mirage

POLTERGEIST: THE LEGACY 1997 Ezekial Shadow Fall

MILLENNIUM 1997 Old Indian Single Blade of Grass

DHARMA & GREG 1997 George Little Fox Indian Summer

DHARMA & GREG 1998 George Little Fox Brought to You in

Dharmavision THE X-FILES 1999 Albert Hosteen Biogenesis

THE X-FILES 1999 Albert Hosteen Amor Finiti

Movies for Television, Documentary & Mini-Series

Date Character Director

SON OF THE MORNING STAR 1991 Chief Sitting Bull Mike Robe

THE DAKOTA CONFLICT 1992 narration


THE AMERICAN DREAM 1993 narration Bill Couterie

RIO SHANNON 1993 Gabriel Mimi Leder

SIRINGO 1994 Plenty Wounds Kevin Cremin

JONATHAN OF THE BEARS 1994 Chief Tawanka Enzo Castellari


SIEGE AT WOUNDED KNEE 1994 Grandfather Fool Bull Frank Pierson <p. 500=”” nati

BUFFALO GIRLS 1995 No Ears Rod Hardy

X-FILES, THE MOVIE 1997 Albert Hosteen


CUSTER DIED FOR YOUR SINS 1970 Red Crow Enterprises, Inc.

THIS LAND IS YOUR MOTHER 1982 Red Crow Enterprises, Inc.

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