Hurry Up Ma Earth, Flush This Toilet! / 2012

Hurry Up Ma Earth, Flush This Toilet!

With governments around the world owned by elitist corporations it is plain to see mankind is completely out of control and headed towards the path of self destruction. What really tops it all off is that these elitist pinheads pray to some dork who claims to be the real G*D. Secret societies & lodges call him ‘Mork’ (not the real name). Others call him the ‘Anti-Christ’ but I call him the dim bulb of deception for I know this lucifreak and his beelzebutthead chums because I was once in his clutches. Been there, done that. I know his tactics & history and so do a multitude of traditional and indigenous people from around the world and the universe. This includes the ‘The Top 6 Religions of the World, well before Mork and his bedazzled earthly scribes altered sacred texts and dogmatic histories for fun and profit. 

In the olden days; why was it so important to kill off traditional people who had a common relationship with nature and the true creator while walking in a humble way? Because they knew the truth and lived for the most part in harmony with all of creation regardless of how they prayed or called their G*D. They would not make good servants because their spirits were truly free and their needs were provided for by Ma Earth herself. In fact history has been in a constant state of flux as historians ‘corrected’ history to suit political agendas in order to control and manipulate the masses. We are living in a world of lies & half truths and soon man will realize exactly how calculated the global deception actually is and has been for centuries. 

The history of the America’s and the advanced cultures that once resided here was effectively erased, libraries destroyed, the elders murdered while keeping the kids for slaves. There is no question elitist buttheads from Europe where aghast at the realization they were the bottom feeders of the intellectual totem pole. Their primitive and naive interpretations of celestial beings was all wrong for they were actually in concert with pure evil who proclaimed he was G*D simply because he had advanced technology. Constantine got it all wrong, most likely intentional. Charlemagne was a douche bag and the glorious bloodline that was vomited from his loins reigned terror on humanity under the false flag of religion. Silly me, they still are. 

It’s not the dogma but man and his self centered motivations that justified the killing of other people simply because they prayed differently, not G*D. Century after century man has used the excuse of fighting on G*D’s behalf. Frankly and bluntly; ‘It’s all bullshit’. The reality is, elitists were in consort with vermin whom possessed advanced technology and the butt crack elitists of the time mistook parlor tricks for miracles and proof they were hanging out with angels of G*D. The reality is; man uses the excuse of ‘Holly War or Jihad’ simply to get other peoples stuff. Got a nice country with lots of kewl natural resources? Then you are bound to be targeted by Mork and his dim bulb disciples from earth. 

The world is on the brink of yet another global war and it will be based on economics like so many wars before. Though the jargon or excuse for war will sound complex, technical and even noble to justify the wholesale killing of civilians and total destruction of infrastructures, the war will simply be about taking stuff, whether it’s oil, gold, minerals or other natural resources, from other people. Humanity has been living an elaborate lie perpetrated by people who know our reality while keeping it from you as a whole. They are walking with pure evil and they are addicted to ego and materialism but soon the party will be all over, for everyone. 

Elitist screws, which’ve ruled the planet or tried to, will soon face their own mortality as they discover that their G*D (Mork) is just a B.S. artist that is about to toss them under the bus. They will also discover absolutely everything about their royal or elitist lives was a fraud writhe with the promise of dire consequences in this era we live. It’s the ole, what comes around, goes around routine eh. This era is an era of great change but for some folks it will truly be the end of the world for them. The bogus rules they lived by will no longer have merit and actually mark them as the true consorts of evil they are. I’ll wager there are plenty of folks that will want a piece of their asses when everyone finds themselves on an even playing field. And where will their sham G*D be, using his earth bound chums like human shields as the forces of good kick some paranormal ass. 

History has repeated itself many times over as man and his ox cart of greed pounced on people and nations simply to rob them of their material wealth while leaving death and destruction in their wake. But there is one piece of history that will be repeated from the annals of time that is yet to make its debut; ‘The French Revolution’ and the fall of the elitists, some of them anyway. Only difference is, this will be a global event and it will be a very bloody period as elitists are targeted by a host of unhappy campers. What will be the juiciest part of the slaughter is the fact most of the killings will come from within the elitists fold itself for they will turn on each other with a vengeance. Elitist blood lines will turn caustic as they consume each other and their followers will find themselves at the mercy of an angry world. 

After all, there is no honor among thieves and these boneheads with blue, pink or chartreuse bloodlines are generational thieves and murderers that have enslaved the world for millennia’s. But all good things must come to pass and this is the era it will happen boys and girls. There is no question many lives will be lost in the coming months and years that lay ahead. Like any other infection the disease must be extracted in order for humanity to heal. Toss in one pissed off Ma Earth and you have the makings of a science fiction thriller. Only thing is, we will be on the credits. Umm, by the way, the show has already begun but don’t worry, there will be an encore in a neighborhood near you so watch for listings. As per prophesy, no place on earth will be spared from this cleansing cycle. 

No doubt elitists and their false prophet ‘Mork’ are wise to all this since they are very aware of the spirit world, you know, the spirit world that westerners are conditioned to believe is all a bunch of poppy cock. Advancements in crowd control and weaponry are not just for warfare, it’s to defend elitists from the masses when the proverbial toilet of life backs up into their living rooms. They already own police forces and armies of the world and they are passing more and more restrictive laws in an attempt to quell the massive uprisings that will soon engulf the planet. My position on this wave of extreme violence is to stay home and watch it on TV, well until electricity stops functioning or if your living room is cast into the bowels of hell or something. I hate that. 

Food will be scarce once again in human history and cannibalism will be common place as elitists become a revered member of the food chain. But what about the private armies and bodyguards that surrounds the elites? Well actually they are probably more nutritious and definitely would provide more lean meat than a greasy pill fed exec. Example: Goldman Sacs Exec’s; $5.98 a pound, Elitists; $.98 a pound and most likely ground round @ 75/25 since they will be fatty. Elitists would hopefully be labeled GMO because of the DNA altering crap they take to stay alive. Just make sure to check the liver for spots if you choose to hunt your own J.P. Morgan fillets. 

The bodyguards and private armies would be easier to capture and cook anyway because they don’t have anyone watching them. They would be like ducks in the water as they made their security sweeps, all alone. Eventually the elitists would be alone as well and maybe by then they would have flushed their systems of drugs they used to take in better times. It’s like catching cat fish where you keep them alive and placed in clear water for a few days to wash out all the mud before you whack them. I feed them corn while they are in captivity to fatten them up. In all reality we must maintain our civility during the dark era that lies ahead according to all dogmas I’ve read. Would I choke down a Bilderberger with Cheese if I was hungry enough? Sure, as long as it was served on sesame seed bun and smothered with lots of onions. Pass the mustard please. 

As for their false G*D and his chums, their days are numbered big time as well. The planet is already filling with folks that want a piece of their terrestrial asses. It’s kind of like a si-fi thriller in a way only because of how we’ve been made to perceive the supernatural. Within my culture star people and all the other dudes and dudette’s that float around within the spirit world are very real and within our custom we have ‘medicine’ to deal with the bad ones. In fact all dogmas and ideological principles provide the necessary tools to cope with evil space dudes, spirits and pesky neighbors who use their weed whacker at 6 am Sunday morning. Unfortunately most people don’t bother to read their sacred books or listen to their medicine people, they talk the talk but they don’t walk the walk. And as we all should know by now; regardless of how you believe, one must have absolute faith within their chosen path or you might as well be spitting into the wind homie. 

Without absolute faith people will be like a snowball in hell and will be toast when it is all said and done. All paths of spiritual enlightenment require absolute dedication and faith in order for a person to garner the knowledge and assistance needed to survive the months and years that lay ahead. Surviving man’s antics will be a piece of cake in comparison to the challenges Mork and his chums will throw at you. Hopefully you will be smart enough not to kill and cook your granny or gut your children on a makeshift alter to appease Mork and his chums. Sadly people are already going off the deep end as predicted and anything goes since morality is vacant in contemporary society. And it has only just begun. 

Moral of the story: No matter what kind of crap sandwich man dishes out in the coming months ahead it will be just a walk in the park, for Ma Earth has other plans that will soon overshadow everything we once thought was important. As for the followers of the false G*D, just watch what happens since I don’t want to spoil the surprise but it will be justice served and there is nothing in the universe that will alter their destiny. When Mork goes down, and going down hard, he is going to drag everyone down with him. Did you tell them that part yet Dorky Morky? Or did you forget to read them the fine print when they signed on with you? 

Your Devil’s Advocate

© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.
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