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There are some sickening facts about the oil industry that many people just don’t hear about. Like the fact the USA is a major exporter of oil even in light of this so called energy crunch. The fact we have a leader and politicians on both the Democratic and Republican Parties heavily invested in industries that are bankrupting this nation should be a red flag. The fact this war is lining the pockets of these people has effectively neutralized the voice of the people since we are being swindled with double speak and at the pump. And it’s all about the money.

Industry officials were gambling on the public’s reaction to 100 dollars a barrel of crude while using the excuses they have been using, excuses that even the Clinton administration did not fully except. Granted the Clintons are well invested in oil now. When in history did any speculation or hurricane effect prices so much? Only under Bush. It is only a coincidence that Dick Cheney is the CEO of Halliburton, the one US company that is gleaning a very handsome profit. The price, our young and the American people. Oil officials are going for broke now according to their own words since now their target price per barrel is projected to be 200 to 300 dollars.

Oh my goodness we have to do something about global warming. So what did American Industrialists do? They moved to third world countries to continue polluting since third world nations are exempt from environmental concerns. In other words, industry or corporations found the perfect excuse to lay off people and move to third world nation; exploit the people with less than minimum wage, no health care, or retirement benefits. The frosting on the cake is, they do not have to comply with any environmental laws, hence they can pollute, pollute, pollute to their hearts content and yes, Increase their profit margin and bottom line. The race to save the Earth was more a smoke screen for them to find cheaper labor with no restrictions. So the Earth still gets warmer and Industrialist are gloating about a quicker route to the Orient via the now defrosted Northwest Passage.

It is obscene to me Eskimo and Inuit populations have to suffer the loss of their traditional land do to erosion as the sea claims their land. It is also obscene that they have to be gouged for heating oil while their tribal land is striped of the oil they need to stay warm during the harsh winter months along the Arctic Rim. They were paying in excess of 6 dollars a gallon already. I shudder to think what they must pay now. Is this a form of passive extermination?

The fact American’s were gouged at the pump well before the rest of the world should be an indicator that we as a nation have been betrayed in a very big way. It is clear to see why Hugo Chavez booted American Oil Companies. He wanted his oil to be for his nation. Our government officials have sold us down the river for their own personal financial concerns. They have become traitors to this nation and now are blatantly trying to exploit the world.

This New World Order is nothing more than a rouse to take over the world simply to glean the rest of the resources, at the expense of all cultures that stand in their way. I keep telling you, follow the money and you will see who is undermining this and other nations. It is the absolute minority within this nation who is doing this. Corporations have side stepped monopoly laws with thinly veiled companies that looked different. But when you research who actually owns all the businesses, it will point to only a few corporations. Supermarket chains from all over the country and the world are being bought up by a select few as we speak. Check out Krouger, orFred Mayer just for example and see for yourself. Purina is another example of monopolization. Monopolies are the going thing these days. And this world market place is nothing more than a sham as far as we the people are concerned. Industry calls them Conglomerates; I call them Monopolies, plain and simple.

We can’t simply blame Bush for it has been going on for quite a long time. Corporations and the billions they have spent in lobbying is the culprit and our country was sold out from underneath us, it’s as simple as that. Like the thieves in the night America simply disappeared and we let it happen.

It should be as plain as the nose on your face that there is no real difference in political parties since they both are on the take. The real battle for them is who is going to be in charge fore they all are on the take. Pay attention to what they are saying and you will not like what you hear.

This nation was self sufficient at one time. But not no more eh, and we the people let it happen. Like chickens gathering around the farmer with a sack of corn. We pecked at the cornels while the farmer was selecting the fattest chicken to butcher.

Remember Animal Farm another Orwellian snapshot of a totalitarian government? Surprise, surprise, take a long hard look at what is going on around you fore we have been taken over with anyone firing a shot.

In the stories about the time of change, nations would disappear and to our chagrin, America is no longer America anymore as Industrialists forge a New World Oder and it stinks big time. Bada Bing, Bada Bang, Bada Boom..

And it’s all about the money Paisan, Capice?


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