Remember Hurricane Katrina and the response time of the local, state and federal government? They were all guilty of playing politics at the expense of human suffering. Both the Demopublican’s and the Republicrtates share in this dubious honor.

But do we remember who did respond? Well I do. I mean they came in like gang busters while our own country sat by pointing fingers. Oh Canada was one who sent out a war ships filled with supplies for the stricken as well as Mexico who sent a convoy of trucks, supplies and a contingent of search and rescue personnel.

So now Mexico is under water but just look at the response time. Maybe Chertoff and his wallet lining cronies can learn a lesson in emergency response. Then maybe the next disaster that comes along will not be so politically charged at the expense of the tax payers. What a new and wonderful experience that would be, to actually have a government who cares for their citizensAnd believe me, we are only beginning to see Ma Earths wrath. That’s a no brainer eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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