[NativeVue] The Latest Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze

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[NativeVue] The Latest Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze…

Sep 11, ’07 5:12 AM

by little_running_deer for group lrdjournal


[NativeVue] The Latest Forum News, Vues, and Schmooze…  


8/26/2007 4:30:28 PM Pacific Standard Time




NativeVue@yahoogroups.com ……Retired



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Meanwhile, here’s just a few topics that will give you a taste of what it is these fine folks and our other forum members have been doing with their time. Latest calls for entries, film fest announcements, opinions and links to what’s out there and why we should care. Come on down and jump on board. Promise, you’ll enjoy the ride 🙂

Film Festivals
First Nations Film & Video Fest–2007
Denver Indigenous Film & Arts Festival
Tulalip Film Festival
Indianer-Inuit Video featuring Tantoo, Joy, Nakotah…

Music to Our Ears
John Trudell Our New CD “Sans Restless Memory”
It is official, Jesse Ed Davis Documentary in the works
Martha Redbone
Robbie Robertson Video interview

Radio, TV, Print, Web
NPR Radio : Publisher Tries American Idol-Style Talent Hunt
Cowboys & Indians Magazine
Northwest Indian News

Up For Discussion
Modern Day Warriors at United Nations
Joe Shirley Reacts to the Film, “D. C. Navajo”
Be Careful Who You Play With…Native Appropriation Rides On

On Camera and Onstage
Graham Greene
Jason Behr
Is Adam Beach “typecast” as a Native? What?!!

Behind the Scenes
Terry Jones
From the set of “Tecumseh”
Nathan Young IV

What We’re Watching
Indigenous Action Media
D.C. Navajo Selected for Imagine Native Navajo Program
Moose TV

Jokes, Poetry, and Other Life Lessons
We Wanna Laugh…Jokes, Please
Carlos aka Buffalohair (2007 Edition) Need We Say More?

Here’s Your Chance!
Call For Submissions: Drama Pitch Sessions
Call for Submissions: Documentary Pitch Sessions
Native Voices at the Autry Announcing 2007 Artists Workshop

Funding Opportunities
Independent Television Service
Sloan Producer’s Grant (It’s a good one:)
Sundance, Sundance, Sundance…

Awww Good Bye NativeVue!

Blog Entry Solar Heating; power and Inventions to help Mother Earth ? Apr 26, ’09 8:38 PM
by Ann for everyone

Solar Heating; power and Inventions to help Mother Earth ?

I see Carole closed her NativeVue Yahoo Group and her NativeVue MySpace Site! ?

What is New? New Adventures? Face Book:)

A HD Magazine maybe?

 Or this is all she needs is the Forum, that sort of runs its self. Is now locked. Wow! No the whole site, it is now a Good Daddy Ad page:(

Good Vibes and Best Wishes!

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