Now for some stories:

Blog Entry Now for some stories: Nov 26, ’08 10:59 PM
by Ann for everyone

Now for some stories:


One old man . . . was somewhat of a braggart, and he told the people, “When I go hunting, if I kill a bear I don’t have to drag him up. I just go out there and nudge him, and tell him, ‘Right over there is the direct route to my home!'”

He said the bear would take in after him and chase him, and after he got him close to his home, he would just shoot him. That way he wouldn’t have a long ways to pack him.


Some years ago, James Nairn, a Delaware Indian, County Attorney in Nowata County, Oklahoma, was cross examining an old fullblood Cherokee Indian about the position of the doors, windows and rooms in a house where a fight of serious nature had occurred.

“And now,” said Mr. Nairn, “will you tell the Court how the stairs run in the house.”

‘Wall,” he said, “when I am upstairs they run down, an’ when I am downstairs they run up.”


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