Ramblings of an Aboriginal Doomsday Prepper / 2012

What do natives say about the time of change at a social? Umm, well actually we don’t say much since we already know the story and how it will end. We do share encounters & visions and laugh at the stupidity of intelligent people who completely ignore all the ‘in your face’ signs though. But we are saddened by fellow natives who threw away their traditions to walk the dark road with other mislead people for ego and material wealth. What are they thinking? You must admit it is quite laughable for Christians, Jews and other dogmatic people to completely ignore prophecies from their very own sacred books, scrolls and etchings forged in stone. It’s like watching a train wreck in slow motion; you know it’s going to crash but are powerless to stop it.


It is obvious elitists are not in the drivers seat of mankind’s destiny. They are subservient to entities they pay homage to within their lodges and secret societies. A rude awakening is just around the corner for them and their butt-crack sacred entities who claim to be the true G*D. If only you realized how many world leaders and elitists consult soothsayers and worship alien entities. It would appear they are atheists but in reality they are selective atheists since they do believe in evil over good. After all, they are steeped in mysticism and astrologers and their dim bulb sacred entities. The funny part is the fact ass-crack entities know the true creator and also know their destiny in the grand scheme of things. But you got to give them an E for effort by leading stupid earth guys down the path to their own demise. Like they say, ‘misery needs company’ and tag, you’re it.


Whether you like it or not, Ma Earth has only begun to flex her muscle and she will be indiscriminant in her wrath as she cleans house on this wicked society. You’ve had many opportunities to know the truth through sacred books, traditions and customs so you can’t blame G*D, Maheo or whatever your culture calls the Creator. Ma Earth has also given humanity warning signs for years but man was asleep at the wheel. If only people actually read their own sacred books rather than listen to schlock preachers that say it’s OK to hate and kill others who pray differently. Maybe humanity would not have become a cesspool of greed and deception where killing for natural resources and ignoring the cries for democracy is condoned. How far beyond stupid is that?


Oh well, it was prophesized we would become cultural sewage near the end of this cycle. Frankly I can see why humanity will soon face a mass extinction for we have become fetid creatures who kill others for land & natural resources or we are invested in corporations who do. The excuse of not knowing or ignoring the criminal conduct of big business does not fly in the real world. Stockholders have just as much blood on their hands as the corporations who contract killers to assassinate tribal leaders to steal their land for timber, gold and oil. How many people were murdered so Chiquita Banana could steal tribal land to expand their banana plantations? How much forest was destroyed so IKEA could make that stupid teakwood end table you gave Aunt Shoshana?


Why did the mainstream media completely ignore the wholesale murder of the Yanomani Tribesmen in Venezuela in July of 2012 by gold mining interests? Global mining corporations are waiting in silence for the Kachin people of Burma to be euthanized so they can move in and turn Kachinland into an open pit mine. And we call ourselves civilized? The list of crimes against humanity perpetrated by corporations globally is off the charts. It is a financial hay day for elitist investors who continue to glean substantial profits from the annihilation of indigenous cultures and the bankruptcy of others. Africa was turned into a virtual killing field by corporations who kill civilian populations opposed to their land grab, with the blessings of tin horn dictators friendly to big business. Murderer Bashar Assad of Syria is a corporate crony. He should be tried in court, not asked to step down.

In any event I’ve included some snap shots of indigenous culture that I guess could be deemed survival training or prepping for disaster. But for us native types it’s all about touching base with our roots and sacred ways. From cooking with an orno to erecting the family tipi, I guess you could call us Native Preppers. But within all cultures are traditions that also double as survival skills and making a tipi is one of them for us. Just remember; survival includes a very real spiritual connection so you know whom to trust and whom to ignore when spirits come calling. The rest is down hill from there physically speaking. Just check out your sacred book for details if you plan to survive.


So what do old buzzard native dudes chat about while sitting around a campfire? We chat about all kinds of stuff like fast Harley’s, Denver Broncos, my fave; the Texas Rangers and chicks with big boobs who make good fry bread. Holy cow, when I was a kid the only boobs we saw were in Playboy or ‘Our Man Flint’ movies. Now boobs are everywhere but sadly they are just man made plastic boobs. Come to think of it, I never saw a set of boobs or booty on an alien before. And I doubt exterrestials can make fry bread. Small wonder some alien types are a bit pervy and like spying on earthlings while they are ‘getting it on’. You know; the ole mattress mambo. Ah, but that’s another story and from what I can tell, this conversation is going down hill fast. Charles Bukowski would be proud…………


Your Devil’s Advocate



© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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