I do feel very refreshed and rejuvenated though. I had a wonderful time with my people and had the opportunity to chat with my elders; yup there are people older than moi eh.

It was great to download all my visions and perceptions to someone I respected and honored. It was reassuring to know I was on the mark with what I see and feel from the world around me. But in a way it was somewhat startling to realize the full scope of our reality as we enter a more robust time in the Earth Changes. I think the totalitarian rule aspect of the US Government is the most striking vision I have to date. Just blows my mind that so many educated and astute people of this nation can’t see their rights disappearing by the day.

The media seems as controlled as ever as they help bate issues that eventually fester into new laws and restrictions, for the sake of “Freedom”. The press has showboated various crimes and blew the issue out of proportion to rally support from the masses. Eventually a law would be passed to stop such horrible crimes. Sadly, the only people this law would place restrictions on are the innocent people of the general public.

The media built up such a frenzy about those “Savage Indians” we were almost completely wiped of the face of the Earth. Propaganda, what a Cold War sounding word though.

And there is the story about a mentally challenged person named Joe Arridy. He had the mentality of a child and yes the media chose to crucify this innocent man/boy of a crime he never committed. With mastery of the English language, educated and articulate people fabricated compelling stories that painted a dark and ominous picture of this poor soul “Little Joe”. Leaders of the community rallied to insure there was a conviction of this “Retard”. Funny, eugenics was a very popular ideology back in the 30’s in good ole USA. There were even plans to relocate feeble minded people to “colonies” they were proposing to build across the country. Hitler followed this lead and took this axiom to the limits and murdered 6 million human beings. Like Martin Luther King once said “and it was all legal”.

My elders share my visions, I’m just more vocal about it all. I enjoy a good parody but sadly the parody is about some place that claims to be the land of the free. In actuality it’s the land of “Indentured Servitude” since the population has become servants to the Corporate Rulers. It’s going to get much worse before it gets better and that’s a given. There is no sugar coating that could possible hide what will soon become the obvious, America no longer exists therefore the Bill of Rights and the Constitution are null and void.

Well what do you expect anyway folks? The Bill of Rights and Constitution are only written on paper. So what if it has signatures of the founding fathers. The pathology of the US Government has always been to disregard treaties, agreements and promises. So what’s the big deal about a couple more pieces of paper anyway?

It’s all about the money Paisan, it’s all about the money. So much so, communities around the country are proposing new laws simply to generate cash for the coffers. LOL remember that line, “No taxation without representation”? Virginia placed massive fines for speeding and other infractions simply for the cash, not public safety. One bill seeks to pass a $10 tax on cigars so hold on to your purse strings..

Yarrr matey, your country has been keelhauled, shiver me timbers eh. So lets hoist the yard arm, batten down the hatches and set a course for the eye of the hurricane fore we are headed into a stormy angry sea. And it’s bound to get much worse before we see the light of day again.

Your Devil’s Advocate
Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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