Stranger in Indian Country

Blog Entry Stranger in Indian Country Nov 26, ’08 11:02 PM
by Ann for everyone

Stranger in Indian Country

A tourist traveling through the prairies stopped in a small  town for a rest stop and went to a bar.  He stood at the end of the bar, ordered a drink, and lit up a cigar.

As he sipped his drink, he stood there quietly blowing smoke rings. After he blew nine or ten smoke rings into the air, a big angry Indian guy stomped up to him and said, “One more remark like that and I’ll smash your face in!”

A woman is driving nearby a local reserve. Her car runs out of gas, an Indian guy comes along on a horse, gives her a ride to a gas station. Every few minutes he lets out a whoop that would curdle milk. Finally, he drops her off with a final Yaaaaa-Hooo! and gallops off.

“My god!” says the gas station attendant, “What the hell were you doing to that guy to make him holler like that?”

“Why, nothing,” says the woman, “I just sat behind him with my arms around him, holding onto his saddle horn.”

“Lady,” says the guy, “That guy didn’t have a saddle.”


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