While you were sleeping, again, some mucky muck politician managed to pass into federal law a mandate you might like to know about. If you bought a car after September 2007 you will notice you also have a spiffy little gadget on your dash that informs you if you have a low tire. It’s called the “Tire Pressure Monitoring System” or TPMS. Kewl a nice and shiny light and or gage that warns you if you are to dumb to notice your tire is flat or low, gawd. Gosh it’s a wonderful idea that can save lives you say. In all probability the law maker who passed this new requirement has interest in the company that makes these new gizmos.

This reminds me of the first smog device law. A senator in California passed the new smog law back in the day. It just so happened he had interest in a company who manufactured the first smog device. No one questioned why a company would manufacture such a device before there was a demand. I was just a poop butt kid and it still sounded twisted to me. After it was all said and done and billions was spent on these devices over the years all we managed to do is convert the toxic gasses into something more vial, from carbon monoxide to sulfur dioxide, the seed of acid rain. Gads, do you remember when Motor City informed the general public that they were going to start adding plastic to their new cars? The pitch was to make cars more affordable, ha, ha, ha. Ultimately, cars got as expensive as a house, plastic and all. Yea, whatever.

So now the federal government is going to save America from tire blow outs. Paleeeeeeeze! It will be the financial gift that keeps on giving. You’re going to love this one eh. Little known to the general public is the fact these computer chips that will be affixed to the valve stems will require special tools when a tire needs to be fixed or replaced. In essence, these devices will cost the public billions and line the pockets of Corporate America in the long run. The cost of a new set of tires will double in price. A simple tire repair will cost near $100. Why? Because of the labor/tools these frail devices will require. Some auto manufacturers claim tires will need to be replaced by the dealers only and at a staggering price in some cases. One estimate was as high as $150 per wheel and that does not include the tire, holay. And did I mention these devices will require batteries so it can transmit this vital air pressure information to the master computer on the dash? Oh yeah eh, not only will you be charged the big bucks to change or repair a tire. You will be charged the big bucks to replace this tiny $3 battery as well. Oh boy….

Of course the feds and states are utilizing this mandate to garner more tax payers funds through penalties and fines if these devices are non functional or missing. I believe the feds may impose fines as high as $10,000 per violating wheel and surely the states will want to cash in on this new source of revenue, you bet’cha!

Ah but who cares, you probably are the absolute minority in this nation who is making the big bucks in the stock market with the Magellan fund. You would be in good company with most of the political leadership in both parties. Nothing like a war based economy to keep us afloat eh. So this increase will mean nothing to you since you will sell the car before you wear out the first set of tires anyway. But whoa to the used car buyer since all of these electronic gizmos will self destruct on your shift. Has technology made this culture so stupid they can’t tell if their tire is low on air? If the federal government was truly concerned for our safety they should have issued all car owners a manual and a tire gage. But since America is asleep at the wheel I guess we reap what we sow. How far beyond stupid have we become that we can’t read a tire gage, a simple $5 tool. It’s all about the money anyway, Capice?

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