APOCALYPTO or echoes from Hitler…. / 2006

APOCALYPTO or echoes from Hitler….

I just can’t stand it anymore. So the whole world knows the Maya and Aztec’s were a bunch of savage blood thirsty killers who whacked people all the time to appease their God’s. What a bunch of rotten people. Boy it sure is good them Spaniards killed them off and saved the young for slaves eh. And, oh by the way. Them Holy Catholic Priests made sure to swipe all the gold in the process.

Who’s history are we listening to? What proof do we have? Of course we have a hand full of Codex from the Aztec’s depicting savagery and brutal deeds. But did anyone wonder what happen the all the other books from the many libraries, possibly millions of books of science and medical achievements from these, “savage” people?

Here it is in a nut shell. It’s all a great lie or cover up to mask the true history of a once great Native culture. It’s all B.S. in the tallest order. Archeology is by far not a perfect science. time and time again, new facts are discovered that disproves once solid fact. There is an on going debate over the true age of the Sphinx and the Pyramids as we speak. Don’t get me started on that one, just yet.

Fact remains, Europe blessed themselves with blood money way back when. The gold that shines in all their coffers came from the total destruction of Native People of the America’s. And to mask all this, they formed a history or great cover up so as not to alarm the European public at large. I bet if they knew, the public, they would not be so thrilled with New World discoveries.

We had our Hitler but the sad part is. We never were liberated and the lies that permeated society has had the chance to take hold in contemporary society. Listen to a lie long enough and it becomes true. That’s the case with the Maya, Aztec, Apache, Cheyenne, Soiux, Eskimo’s and the rest of our wonderful people of the America’s.

To this day, you find books about us Natives that are pure Lie’s and conjecture. Sad part about it, we are here to dispute them. to their chagrin. And the Master Race is not very happy about this. I think this is why I find a kindred spirit in our Jewish brothers and sisters fore they have suffered the effects of Eugenic’s. Their struggle goes on to this day. Only difference is. The truth of Hitlers book’s of Lie’s and hate were discovered. The concentration camps were discovered. The Aryan lies of this master race and the justification of wholesale murder of a people were exposed for all the world to see. Funny how history repeats itself.

We, on the other hand, were never liberated and the lies about us went unchecked. So now, we live in a world where the Master Race won and their lies permeate society. And ole Mel Gibson is making sure the Great Lie is etched deep within everyone’s mind. Next thing you know. Ole Mel with write and sell a book titled, “My Struggle”, soon to hit the book stores.

Don’t you find it odd that we have a number as well? Only difference is, it’s not tattooed on our arms, YET! There was a saying from old timers who said we may be the lost tribe of Israel. Surely, you see the sad parallel of our plights. We only wanted to live life, practice our religion and live life within our respective cultures. What a crime that was.

Spanish Galions then the Mayflower, like the Panzers. Our people are dying a slow death in reserves as the world turns a deaf ear on our cries. Remember Auschwitz and Treblinka? Are we truly going to be assimilated or are we going to be annihilated? Or are we simply experiencing the FINAL SOLUTION.

Hmmmmmmm, Joseph Goebbels, Hermann Göring, Julius Streicher, Mel Gibson…………………………………..Oy Vey.

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