Funny how the “Rights of Man” has become the “Rights of the Select” these days. And this axiom seems to have trickled down to the news media at large I might add. It is quite striking to me the very vanguard of Freedom of Speech has turned into a part of the Double Speak Machine. When personal opinions outweigh news worthy stories the news simply does not get out. In effect, the news is censored before it hits the press. So yea don’t like the schmuck in a story. Does mean you don’t do the story. Everyone has an opinion and we are predisposed to some prejudices and dislikes regardless of how much incense we burn or whatever…lol.

Some call it the new wave of advocate reporting. I call it censorship. In any event it’s the so called little people who never seem to get an equal playing field in the media. It sickens me, all these arm chair journalists who determine what is news and what is not, all based on their personal opinions. Let’s take a look at how the media at large has dealt with a band of Lakota People making a run for freedom. Or should I say, how the media ignored this event. So yea don’t like Russell, big frigging deal. What about the hundreds possibly thousands of people who are desperate for change on the rez? The very people who will most likely be brutalized by BIA Gestapo while the public rants about the ills of Russell.

Then there are the talking heads and opinionated louts who are eager to see the BIA crack down on these “Renegade Injuns”. Why? Because they don’t like Russell. What kills me is the fact most of these nay sayers are not even Native. But they are eager to pick a side totally unaware that there are more than just two sides within the Native world. If only they knew of the hardships Indigenous people truly have to endure then maybe they would have a clue as the desperation that exists. Russell does not control the minds of the millions of poor Indigenous people who live within the America’s. But it sure is funny that when someone does make mention of these third world inhabitants and conditions absolutely everything this person said or did since birth comes under the scrutiny of the media. By no means do I condone poor behavior from Russell or anyone for that matter. I’m no Boy Scout by any stretch of the imagination. Been there, done that as they say. Take a long hard look at the world around you. We are living in a world of shadows. Corrupt political officials, corporations and governments at large have managed to perfect organized crime. But I guess that’s acceptable in this case. Paleeeze!

The big difference between the Native world and the Non Native world is our people still get shot by military rifles while you get hit with a Taser. There is no oversight committee that assures Native’s will not get brutalized by BIA or FBI forces. Whether or not a person agrees with the politics of the Native Movement or the many factions should not be an issue. Rather, what extreme measures will the federal agents use to “quell” some renegade Injuns? There is a growing list of violations the BIA and FBI are guilty of with regard to Human Rights. Not in the publics eye is the harsh and brutal treatment Natives receive from federal authorities. Custer rides again it seems when the feds decide to roll on in. I can hear Gary Owen now. I’m not so inclined to simply toss any Native’s to the wolves whether I like their leader or not.

And there you sit sucking down a Latte’ and reading a tiny blurb from Reuters or BBC.

“Umm, I wonder if I should do a story on these Lakota’s”, you ask.

“Isn’t that a Russell Means deal?”, queries your editor.

“Wow, now that’s a controversial story. Maybe I’ll do a story on Brittany Spears instead”, you say. LOL, B.S. as usual?

In the meantime while people are home sleeping BIA and FBI’s storm homes likened to the Schutz Staffle of Hitler’s fame. They drag men, women and children out of their homes then ransack and destroy their possessions, and this is our reality. Sadly someone will get hurt or killed by an overzealous agent or two. Coincidentally, the person injured or killed will be an outspoken activist. It is funny how this happens across the Americas. And now, a former FBI, (Joseph H. Trimbach) has a tell all book about AIM and the TRUE nature of this organization, (American Indian Mafia). The same FBI who is wracked with corruption agents, graft, sold secrets and can’t pay their surveillance phone bill. Dare we mention the CIA’s drug running to finance the Contra’s? Is this a pot calling the kettle black? This book will be fodder for all those nay sayers for sure. Of course the Arm Chair Fascists can pick and select who is the naughty Injun and who they consider a good Injun. Well it does not matter what these arm chair Fascists think anyway. They don’t live as a conquered people. They don’t live in constant fear of reprisal whenever they mention equality. And I know they don’t get phone calls from family relations in need of food or help paying the utilities. I love how people are saying, “These Lakota’s are breaking a long standing treaty”, excuse me while I barf. The US is the trend setter for broken treaties and promises and this fact should be the rallying point, not a group of people “run for the fence” in a desperate attempt to find freedom. Just remember what Martin Luther King said, “Everything Hitler did was legal”.

Well the struggle of the Indigenous People world wide marches on. Did you catch the story about a judge in Australia who released 10 adult men with little penalty if any for raping a 10 year old girl? Yup, the reasoning behind the judges light sentences, “The girl must have given permission”, gads. Then the Aborigine’s from down under won a shallow victory in courts for the Australian governments removal of children from Aboriginal families by force to “re-educate” them. It’s the same ole same ole, the conquering people decided to relocate and educate Aboriginal children. Canada had a landmark billion dollar law suite for just the same exact thing. Only difference in the outcome was, the Australian government decided monetary reparations was not necessary and a simple apology was all that was required to mend decades of human rights violations.

Sadly, food shortages are circulating around the world but it’s the Indigenous people who feel the wrath. War torn Afghanistan is appealing to the world for help since they were not able to produce enough food to feed their own. According to Pakistani officials there is an abundance of wheat flour in South Asia but the prices are fixed at the mills these days. They must have learned this trick from the oil companies who have taken to raising prices do to speculation. It’s all about the money Paisan. Yea well whatever.

So much for literary turrets, ah the life of a Devil’s Advocate eh.

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