Ben Franklin Once Said; / 2008

Ben Franklin Once Said;

“Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”

The demise of democracy had little fanfare as the American public allowed corrupt politicians to brow beat them into submission. President George W. Bush, resorted to extortion and blatant lies to intimidate and coerce a panicked and confused public. Though the vast majority of the population of the United States vehemently disagreed with the Bail-Out, both the Democratic and Republican politicians heavily invested in these stricken markets approved the bill securing their fortunes.

Complacency will be rewarded with tyranny as we evolve into a darker era of the human experience. There was more at stake other than the $700 billion every man; woman and child would pay embezzlers and extortionists though. What was at stake was the very essence of what democracy was all about, “The Voice of the People”. I hate it when that happens. But like the ole saying goes, “Use it or loose it” and frankly we lost it. Oh well, ain’t nothing but a thang homeboy/girl. We became a patsy as they say on the streets. And you know what happens to a patsy right? This is easy, they get pinched again. Fact is, they get pinched and pinched until they run or fight. Usually a patsy will just run rather than dole out “insurance” money.

From a street kids point of view they pulled off the perfect crime and it will go down in the annuals of the Greatest Capers of all time. Possibly this could be considered a hostile corporate takeover since the country was not in favor of this pay off. But if you don’t care than neither do I. World domination and totalitarian ideologies will flourish under the guise of commerce and free trade I fear. The seeds of war have been planted and cultivated in the garden of death already.

But on the bright side, if you’re invested in the war machine you should do quite well. Granted you’ll be living in an underground shelter of some kind while more lucrative wars are fought on US soil. After a few years you’ll feel the walls of the shelter closing in on you. The stench of confined humanity will fill your nostrils. Filters that recycle the water will fail, the water will become rank a fetid. One by one people will begin to loose their minds. Complaints about months of macaroni and cheese will erupt into a full scale riot. Grappling for control, internal police would kill hundreds of the inhabitance of the shelter.

Fleeing for your life you discover an old pathway that leads to “The Outside”. Slowly you make your way through the dusty old corridor. You notice a faint light down the tunnel and you make your advance ever so carefully, the light gets brighter. As you approach the door to the outside your heart is beating out of your chest. Taking a deep breath and mentally preparing for an existence where survival of the fittest is the law of the land, you plunge through the door and out of your self made underground hell. Then, Bam!

Later, sitting by a fire, I’ll be munching down like a bad dog on a giant drum stick. On the rotisserie will be one of those fat pink things that come out of that hole once in a while. Yum, pass the garlic salt please. OK, OK, OK, maybe I had one to many cups of Kona eh.

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