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So everyone is all spiffed up about the supposed “Slid in Unemployment Claims” today in the headlines. That’s all well and good but if you asked a person who works at Social Services, you know, the people who issue Food Stamps, Medicaid, Assistance to Indigent Families, etc. They would tell you that there is definitely a relationship between the fall of unemployment figures and the incline in welfare recipients.

“Now why is that so?” you might query. Is this another one of Buffalohair’s rants of insanity or simply a manic moment? Well yes and no eh.

Well it’s true that I am ranting and raving as well as being totally insane. But I do have an excellent memory; sometimes to my chagrin I might add.

So lets pick your brain for a second and see if I don’t raise your ire. A while back some Politician passed some bill limiting how long a person could collect Unemployment Insurance. No big thing, “those dirty slackers should find work, even if it’s picking fruit” is the contemporary wisdom with this axiom. REMEMBER??? 18 months is the maximum a person can collect UI. After that, then what?

Well, these people who have not been able to find work have to go over to Social Services for assistance to survive. (Food, housing, health etc.)

In essence, as in the case of George W. Bush, the figures that proclaim such a wonderful economy and low unemployment figures are totally misleading and out right lies to snowball the public into thinking all is well within our economy. This ploy also plants seeds of chaos and turmoil for the next president who will most likely be Democratic. George is only buying time till his term expires and the realities of his administration come to light.

But sadly, it will appear that the Dem’s ruined the economy and plunged us into recession. So it is guaranteed that when the Dem’s take office, they will have a plate of goods that Georgie Porgie and Dick the Prick Cheney prepared. Its partisan politics at it’s best eh.

We’ve become a WAR BASED economy. And when we pull out of the war, be prepared to tighten your belts since the realities of the WAR MACHINE will soon come to light. We’ve been living another “GREAT LIE” my friends. And we will be scrambling to regain the industrial advantage this nation once had, before industry began the great migration out of this country for the BOTTOM LINE.

Funny how stocks go up as industry finds cheap labor abroad. In many cases, people glean a profit from stocks only to find their company is moving to India or something. Nice portfolio but to bad your company moved to Siberia dude. But don’t worry, you can always get unemployment insurance for 18 months. Then after that runs out, you can always get welfare. And don’t worry about anyone finding out. Those statistics are never known.

From a street kid’s point of view, “It’s just another shell game” And the public is being hustled big time. And it’s a set up for a future scam, it’s called black mail. The pawns will be economy as we push for more wars or the possibility of recession as we re tool from this Criminal War Based Economy.

Bush has only borrowed time and no matter how we look at it, everything must come full circle. And an economical hit is just around the corner. But for the millions of American’s who’ve received their walking papers from Fortune 500 companies, the recession has already arrived. Ask them about Unemployment figures.

But for most Skins, I doubt we would notice much change since we’ve been in Recession for about 500 years.

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