Buffalohair: Cross Section of America /2008

Buffalohair: Cross Section of America Sep 21, ’08 3:10 PM
by little_running_deer for everyone

Cross Section of America

This week I attended a class. Actually it was a driving class, a penalty leveled at me for flying down the highway at one zillion miles per hour, on more than one occasion. It was an ethnic buffet a diverse cross section of the American public it would appear. From students to a singer who just released a CD, it was a rich cultural mix of true Americana and me. The political make up was equally as diverse and everyone had something to say, “What happened to America, The Land of The Free?”

It was just a safe driving class but people who normally would never have cross paths in life shared a moment in time together. At first everyone was quiet as most people are these days. Wary at first but then people began to chat. The instructor was a very charming African American woman. Then the ultimate of horrors came to pass, we were assigned groups through a series of psychological tests.

Feeling like Pavlov’s dog Spike I shuttled over to my group, it was the artsy, creative types. It was a hot day so in true Native fashion sense I wore, basketball shorts, sports tee shirt and sneakers, gads everyone else was all spiffed out. Interestingly we just jumped in and began to chat. As we socialized it was all too apparent we shared political views and opinions. I bit my tongue and paid attention as they spoke about the world around them. Clearly they were very conscious of the political circus. They were well versed and knew facts and figures about the absolute corruption that has taken over the United States. You’d think they were reading my stories but I had not written much on the bail out. I held back from commenting since they were more astute on the subject and I wanted to learn more on this issue. They were far from voiceless as they spoke their mind. The president has committed treason against America. I added my two bits when it was clear I would not taint or influence the conversation. Then I shamelessly promoted my news page.

Through another series of tests we were moved into yet another grouping of “types”, arf, arf, arf, wags tail. Now I found myself in a small group of women. Again, I held my tongue and paid attention. They were not as absolute as the first group was, at first. But these women were also well versed in the world around them. They ranged in age from early 20’s to umm, my age. Hokey Smokes Bullwinkle, in a move reserved way, they were just as pissed about the absolute “in your face” corruption that has taken over the country and yes, they were well aware of this New World Order. Their query was, “why didn’t we have a chance to vote on it?” and “who made George W. Bush king?” One woman, working for a major US corporation, told of how she and fellow employees were paranoid and fearful of their jobs. The company would send out memos with thinly veiled threats of termination if they did not submit to queries about a variety of personal questions. The corporation made employees aware that there were major cuts in the future and if they did not comply they may be next. In a stark contradiction of the previous statement the corporation hired psychologists to explain to the employees that they should not feel targeted. What the heck is that all about eh? Just corporate double speak I venture to say. The woman continued as she told it like it was. She made the observation that poor business practices were rewarded in her corporation with major Parachutes just like the prize George Bush’s cronies were getting for bankrupting America. Universally both groups shared the opinion George W. Bush caused the crisis in order to move his New World Order forward.

As the class continued the issue of steeper penalties for speeding came up. Then the issue of education came up. People from all groups made note this country does little for education and chooses imprisonment and that only the wealthy can buy their way out, of anything. So fines were no deterrent. Then the bail-out came into focus since the president excused the millionaires who squandered billions. From all groups the issue of absolute corruption was an undertone. A crime was committed against the people of the United States of America and the bail-out was wrong. It was also the general consensus the media and polls did not reflect the actual American opinion. Someone mentioned they did not believe that our presidential elections were on the up and up in the first place as well as other scurrilous information of the current regime. I was amazed at how well versed and educated the people were. The issue of education verses fines and jail time was the ice breaker as Americans voiced their opinions on how the government did not do the will of the people and only the will of corporate interests.

Earlier this year I traveled around American interviewing people and discovered the vast majority of American voices are not being heard. With no regard to race, creed and location it was believed the main stream media was NOT 1. Telling the truth, 2. Representative of the American people, and 3. Nothing more than propaganda. It blew me away to hear John Q. Citizen speak their minds. It was as if they finally had a chance to have their voices heard. I should have told them about the fact George W. Bush passed an executive order that would place them in the category of terrorist and subject to the loss of their Constitutional rights. But for some reason, I think they already knew. It did warm my heart to know that others were paying attention though. I was also amazed at how educated this cross section of Americans were. It was the general opinion America was in the clutches of a criminally bankrupt regime hell bent on taking over the world, financially. The voice of the American people has been effectively silenced by the corporate controlled media and America has become a memory. Americans have become a “Voiceless People”

I also learned to use my cruise control.

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