Buffalohair: Sarah Palin, Alaskan Scrapper /2008

Buffalohair Sarah Palin, Alaskan Scrapper Nov 7, ’08 9:20 AM
by Ann for everyone

Friday, November 07, 2008

Sarah Palin, Alaskan Scrapper

I was not a fan of Sarah Palin though I could relate to her husband Tod. I was not so pleased with some of her views but I was more repulsed by the media as a whole. Fact is there were many other little things I did not care for. Having many Alaskan friends and having lived there has offered me a different perspective. Personally, I was not thrilled with either candidate since both were reflections of George Bush as far as core tenets not the superficial double speak they offered. But now that the battle is won or lost the world seems to have pointed their fingers at Sarah. And that is just not fair.




It was not Sarah’s fault John McCain lost the election. George W. Bush and his war on democracy and the American people was the death nil of John’s campaign not fledgling politician Sarah. She was only the fall guy and a pawn in this political circus. Though my friends are polarized on both sides of the fence back in Alaska about Sarah they all agree Sarah has her good points as well. Alaska is unlike the lower 48 in that survival is always an issue and a way of life. Nature rules the roost in Alaska. After all, Alaska is the last frontier where bears and timber wolves share the scepter of power, not man. The weather is comparable to stepping outside of a spacecraft without a space suit at times. Isolated from the continental United States Alaskans always had to fend for themselves and make do since many commodities must be shipped to Alaska as well as the outer reaches of the interior. What does this have to do with Sarah? Plenty since Alaskans learned a long time ago how to get along or perish. If Alaskan’s acted like people do in the lower 48 they would die in droves during the harsh winter months.



In Alaska you are your neighbor’s keeper and it’s a law you don’t leave a fellow motorist stranded. You must be a survivor in every stretch of the word, summer or winter or you may very well be a member of the food chain. Sarah is a survivor and she did plenty of good for Alaskans since she knew their needs according to both sides of the Sarah debate in Alaska. There is no party line when survival is concerned in Alaska.




I find it patently offensive to call Sarah and her family the “Alaskan Hillbillies”. She was being groomed to fit a national ticket and it was normal to dress your candidate for success. Petty at best the McCain campaign showed its true colors as they disrespected someone they chose at the last minute; she did not ask to be VP. Though I was not too thrilled by her selection I did appreciate her frankness and her down to earth Alaskan way. Maybe if the McCain campaign gave her some advanced warning rather than dumping on her at the last moment she would have performed better. After all, this political circus is nothing more than a stage performance anyway. She was more a scapegoat rather than a candidate I believe. And to think this group of people wanted to rule America and the world. Hokey smokes Bullwinkle, no wonder we are in such a pickle. Pettiness and small-mindedness has ruled the roost and this is the reward, financial chaos.



Sarah is Alaskan above all and she learned how to survive in the wild and in the insane world of politics, Alaska style. Love her or hate her but don’t disrespect her family and Alaska with the unique way of life it has to offer. People seem to think its open season on Alaska since Sarah and John lost their bid for the presidency. If anything at all, people in the lower 48 should learn by example how to survive since this is soon to be an issue for all of mankind. With Earth Changes at our door step it would behoove you to learn how the “Hillbillies of Alaska” have survived all these years in isolation. I might not like her politics but I like the fact she is Alaskan in every sense of the word. If ever there was a place to be during the coming change, it would be Alaska since we’ve been on survival mode since the first ship spotted the Eskimo’s.




With democracy on the ropes politically, maybe it’s a good thing Sarah is out of the loop at this juncture anyway. The stage is set for a New World Order and with this act of totalitarianism will come the tides of change and natures revolt. As for me, I hope I’m back in Talkeetna munching on a moose burger or eating a Mile High Pizza when Earth Changes come to pass. I can see it now, as I prepare to make a fire I will crunch up an Anchorage Daily News Paper and on the headlines will read “Earth Comes to an End”. But for Alaskans it will be just another day in paradise. Hmm, guess I’m a Talkeetna Hillbilly after all.




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