The Struggle for Democracy / 2008

Buffalohair: The Struggle for Democracy Oct 25, ’08 7:24 PM
by Ann for everyone
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The Struggle for Democracy

For journalists and information feeds that report news from Burma it is all too apparent we are under assault via the internet, one of my sites being a casualty. It is also obvious other entities such as governments are using the same tactics in an effort to stop the flow of information. It is nothing more then a new form of censorship since this is the primary goal of all nations and people who are using this new tool. Rather than face public distain for censorship, just do it behind everyone’s back.

As we enter into a new phase of change the need to control the flow of information and freedom of speech will be a very real priority. Democracy as we knew it has disappeared from the face of American government as well. Though $700 billion was a small price to pay the dividend was the death nil of Democracy. It also paved the way for more “Bail-Outs” that benefit only the very top of the grand pyramid scheme called the stock market. The real reason our elected officials did not listen to the voice of the people is really quite simple. They are the ones whose fortunes will be saved by this and other bail-outs that are sure to come. Also, bailing out these companies who’ve squandered trillions world wide will give the perpetrators of this grad swindle a “get out of jail free” card. Sure there will be a few scapegoats for slaughter and they will make headlines. But the real masterminds will be sailing their little white boats and enjoying the fruits of their deception. US citizens will walk the streets while picking at the crumbs of what was once their life in a nation that has forsaken her people.

There is no getting away from the hard times ahead no matter how much money we are extorted out of by corporations with these bail-outs. It should be obvious as the nose on your face we are not being represented by our government. Our officials are catering to the global corporations they are personally invested in, simple as that. In these desperate times it is every man for himself and we-the-people are not in the mix. The fact millions of American’s have already lost jobs, homes and dignity with no relief of any kind should be an indicator that only a select few are privy to government sponsored bail-outs. Statistics have been skewed to show employment rise when in actuality it’s just people being booted off unemployment insurance roles. If compared to the rise of Social Services applications one would see where the formerly unemployed went and it’s not new jobs. The jobless, hungry and homeless are seeking government housing, food stamps and medical assistance in a desperate struggle to survive. Then there are politicians who scoff at the notion of helping the poor and the elderly. Trillions should have been spent on the quality of life of every citizen of this nation. That alone would have spurred growth and a healthy economy. Possibly there would have been more honor and respect in this environment. Healthy mind, body and spirit would have conjured more innovation and Earth friendly technology. But alas, investing in humanity has no place in the corporate bottom line.

We did not address the criminally inspired Enron Loophole and all the criminality it gave corporations so we better be prepared fore your wallet is still a target. Since speculators still rule the roost we can no longer depend on accurate stock figures since they still are rigged, legally I might add. As the top of the financial food chain secretly liquidates risky stocks, John Q is being fed a bill of goods as well as being fleeced by politicians from both sides of the arena. Of course there will be a cure for this international monetary disaster and it will be a one world economical structure of some kind. This will be the Big Move by Corporatists to control the world monetarily. By bending us over a financial barrel we will choose the lesser of two evils, Democracy or Security.

Benjamin Franklin said;

“Those who give up essential liberties to purchase a little temporary safety deserves neither liberty or safety”

Around the world students of true democracy are fighting to save their nations from corrupt governments. The culprits are the usual corporate funded regimes whose landscapes are filled with natural resources and pesky indigenous people. Asian nations are struggling with corruption verses democracy as well as annoying freedom of speech and human rights issues. Thailand is in chaos since their Prime Ministers keep coming up dirty. England has become a partner in crime by giving safe haven to former Thai PM Thaksin. He is the dude who jumped bail and fled to England. Now he wants to be a British subject since the Thai court convicted him in abstaincia of corruption, holay. He owns an upscale ball club in jolly old England as well. So pip, pip and all that rot eh.

Silently, Public Radio and TV stations are disappearing, one by one as federal funding becomes another tool in the war on freedom of speech. America is under siege and democracy is the first casualty. With the internet well on the road to corporate censorship whether by regulations or virus attacks the air waves are soon to follow. Democracy has no place in a world of Corporatism. The voice of the people is a cancer to the corporate bottom line. The merger of state and corporate power has spawned a new generation of ideologies focused on monetary control. It’s the same ole, same ole, someone wants to rule the world but money rather than G*D will be the marching song in this battle for control. Guess that keeps me out of the fight since they already cleaned my clock. Fact is they cleaned the clocks of many friends already. Guess the best tool in censoring the voice of the people is to silence the people themselves. Poverty is the greatest censor, out of sight out of mind.

Imagine what the internet or any medium would be if every unemployed, foreclosed, homeless and disenfranchised American still had a voice. The shear numbers of Americans living well below poverty level is shameful as it is let alone the vast numbers who are soon to join the ranks. So called civilized society would have to address the plight of the needy fore they could not be ignored. Hopefully society would be spurred to use compassion and actually help these human beings. Ah but all is not well in Lilliput and what most likely would happen is stricter laws and reasons to incarcerate those dirty vagrants. Of course, new prisons would be in order as we arrest the world. With the US Government becoming the world’s largest collections agency, debtor’s prison will become a reality. After all, the US is buying up bad debts boys and girls. Those debts are ear marked for future collections. The poor don’t get a break and will be hounded in the future by the Treasury Department and loose their drivers licenses, student aid and garnish wages. On the other hand, corporate embezzlers walk away free with a pocket full of loot. Oh well, ain’t nothing but a meatball Paisan.

Maybe censorship is way over rated now that I come to think about it. What’s the point of censorship if no one is paying attention anyway?

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