Buffalohair: DOW DOW THE DEAD CASH COW / 2007

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As the stock markets take a hit, one of many to come. I can’t help but remember a few years back when one of our fearless leaders decided to alter the way the stock market receives sell off’s or runs on the market. It was first come, first serve in a race to recoup losses when a company went belly up. Now, the market shuts off or closes if there is too much of a run on sell off’s. This would attempt to stop the possibility of a crash like the one that occurred in the late 29′. It’s a “Check and Balance”……bs.

The reality is, you can buy into the market as you see fit. It’s called “free enterprise”. G*D bless America, land of Capitalism.

BUT if you decide you want out of the market due to economic or business reasons. To bad eh. If you decide to pull your dough-ray-mee out of the market the same time others do and the Feds thinks it’s to fast, you loose. The Feds will shut down the market. And it’s a guarantee Uncle Sam will take care of industries needs first, for the good of the nation of course.

Sure the Feds will “regulate” a possible stock market crash. The guise will be to save the country from a depression. Surely industry will have first priority. But John Q Citizen will be the one who ultimately takes it in the shorts. Therefore it truly is not a free market if the feds can “regulate” who gets their money back. Ultimately, the depression would occure anyway. But the top dogs of industry who’ve squandered billions would still live a life of splender.

This adjustment to how the stock market excepts sell off’s is only designed to save Wall Street and the thousands of industrialists who would leap to their deaths if everyone wanted their money back. If you think otherwise, you’re drinking to much fluoride in your water eh.

The US is living like an old western town, false storefronts with everyone gambling inside. And as we all know, the stock market is just another Crap Shoot. Snake Eyes are just around the corner eh.

If it makes you feel any better. The economic disasters we face in the future don’t hold a candle to the magnitude of Ma Earth’s Changes and all.

Here is a quick reality check since I have your attention.

Ma Earth is having her “season” if you did not already notice. Like the woman of Earth, she deals with mood swings as her body cleanses herself of ALL that causes her discomfort physically and spiritually.

The Creator, like any other wise man, will stay clear while she is in her season. He will not interfere in her cycle since she was created with it in the first place. To the chagrin of many dogmas I might add…..lol.

Our job is to find our place within this matrix. Are we good bacteria or are we Republican Herpes infecting the core of humanity with their puss laden zosters filled with financial gain at the expense of others, deception, hatred, war and sorrow. Opps, sorry I lost control for a second.

Well you get my drift anyway, I hope, gawd. Either you’re a good bug or a bad bug, you’re walking the path or your not. The Creator sent enough messengers throughout the universe. Hopefully someone figured it out by now. This is the “Real Deal” and we’ve had more than our share of warnings. It’s time to pay attention.

Oh and by the way. Ma Earth is a modern gal in her own right eh. I venture to state she will most likely add a face lift to her agenda over the next few years. You “Nip and Tuck”, remove this, flatten that and get rid of that crap that smells like burning oil.

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