Domino’s For the Rich and Famous / 2008

  Domino’s For the Rich and Famous

As the web of corruption places a strangle hold on world economies and retirement accounts disappear, be prepared for more false hope and promises. Now that We the People are on the ropes, government will come out with an interesting deal that will tie world economies together. In all actuality it will be the segway Bush and the One World Buffs staged so they could make their calculated move to secure corporate rule around the world.

The Bail-Out only secured the fortunes of the top of the Grand Pyramid Scheme called the stock market. Guess no one paid attention to the fact BOTH candidates were hustling the public into buying into this bogus Buy-Out. They were stumping for George W. Bush’s pay-off. Both candidates have expounded this One World garbage all over the world already.

Bottom line is “We the People”, including the people of the world, have been ripped off and corporate cronies are cashing in their chips before the Big Hammer falls on economies of the world. You must remember when stocks fall people are cashing in. Lost stocks, bonds and securities don’t just disappear they line pockets. In other words, every dime that disappears from your portfolio and the portfolios of every person on Earth goes SOMEWHERE.

The reality is George W. Bush will implement several executive orders that will deal the final blow to the Constitution and Democracy. This staged recession will the staging area for the “Great Rescue” and the public will eat it up only to discover they lost more than material wealth, they will have lost their freedom and civil rights in the process. Tyranny will be masked by economical recovery as corporate interests secure their place of power in the greatest world wide take over in world history. If you don’t see the scam now eventually you will but by then it will be way to late, just like this Bail-Out hog wash.

Salvation will be to “Unify” economies to fight this world wide monetary crisis. The promise of saved fortunes and rebuilding economies will be bait and of course man’s petty greed will buy into the next scam. It’s in your face politics as usual and no one is paying attention.

Likened to rise of Fascism and Germany of the 30’s politicians have pointed to minorities and immigrants to point fault and blame. Public Television as well as public radio is disappearing at an alarming rate as Freedom of Speech is silently eliminated. The Internet will soon have “Restrictions” in an effort to quell the free flow of information. The catch all phrase will be “For Homeland Security” sake. George is not going down silently; he has played a shrewd game of chess in an effort to manipulate the US and the World in to a One World Economical Block. He and select world leaders have been in on the scam all along and this economical crunch was the culmination of many years of planning to manipulate world markets. Extortion is the street term for what is going no at this juncture, pure and simple.

It’s almost laughable congress voted in this Bail-Out. The signatures of this classic criminal action should be Exhibit A and proof of their involvement in this act of High Treason for they are traitors to this country and the people they were supposed to represent. Just remember when Bush, Obama and McPalin pander for more money, it will not help the people who are loosing their entire fortunes as we speak. There is no helping the little investors, only the top of the Great Pyramid fore the people have already lost. It’s time to tighten our belts and face the fact we are about to hit some hard times. The sad part is, people will continue to trust their leaders in spite of how corrupt they are simply because of this “Lemming Mentality” and they will follow the Pied Piper into totalitarian rule.

One two, Cha, Cha, Cha. Three four, Cha, Cha, Cha! Nothing like a good dance routine I always say. And boy are we getting the ole song and dance routine from our so called elected officials. They are scrambling to save their personal fortunes with no regard for the people they were supposed to represent. They are the top of the pyramid boys and girls. On the bright side, at least it is a bi-partisan effort to shake down the public.

This is a part of the Earth Changes by the way. The forming of a “one world anything” that ignores sovereignty for economical development is Fascism or better know as Corporatism. I remember my elders telling me that nations of the world would disappear during the times of great change. This sign would be a very major sign fore Ma Earth and her wrath would not be far behind. So even though your pocket book is getting hit and you are loosing your rights there is way more in store for humanity. This financial situation will be punk in comparison to the total dynamics of the Earth Changes fore it was also said that money would become worthless. So in essence this race to destroy Democracy and reward corporations is a waste of time for in the long haul this will all be meaningless. After all, we are living in the “Humbling Times” eh.

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