Globalization / The Beginning or The End?

Globalization, The Beginning or The End?

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So much for national sovereignty since the final nail was pounded in the coffin of America’s sovereignty with the globalization of our financial institutions. Predictably Obama proposed a *“Global” solution to our banking crisis marking the end of national sovereignty by imposing international laws on once American lending institutions. This was the final hurdle in the Globalization New World Order scheme perpetrated by corporatists. Disaster Capitalism at its best and you were asleep at the wheel.

Benjamin Franklin once said;

They who would give up an essential liberty for temporary security, deserve neither liberty or security”

In all reality this was meant to happen. Its written in prophecies from around the world. Globalization and the colonization of Earth was just a sign that verified we are living in this time of change. So rather than get your boxers in a knot and run for the hills you better prepare for some very turbulent times. The Earth is about to cut loose with a myriad of tectonic and meteorological events that will surly wow the folks back home. It will be better than any HBO Special or pay per view ever produced. As for the corporatists who thought they just cut a fat hog in the ass, well their newly ill gotten gains will soon become worthless since material consequence will be meaningless in the years to come. Poetic justice, don’t you think?

There are other events just around the corner that many cultures were warned about but nobody paid attention as usual. There are no green solutions to Earth Changes. You can’t buy your way out of it with Carbon Credits or electric cars either. Windmills and solar panels will simply be blown off the face of the Earth as more 200+ mph winds begin to take its toll on humanity. We will also learn first hand how wooly mammoths were quick frozen in mid stride while chewing their food.  Besides, if you paid attention to visions and prophecy you would also know electricity will cease to function since the physics behind it all will soon change. This is a cycle Ma Earth was on long before dinosaurs roamed the Earth and Al Gore first tried to capitalize on naturally occurring events. Economics and greed will give way to survival as clean drinking water becomes more valuable then Blackberries and fancy gold trinkets. A gram of salt will be almost priceless. Paper money will not buy a slice of bread but find a home in latrines around the world.  

In the meantime let the kids play with their doubloons and stolen bounty because it will soon be meaningless in the grand scheme of things. As the noose tightens around civilization and desperation ensues wars will break out as nations struggle to stay in existence just like they did in the Little Ice Age (1600 to 1800 ad). Only thing is, this one will be the mother of them all. Just remember, the time of change is not the end of the world like the media likes to portray. It’s the end of a cycle and the key to survival is written in every dogma on Earth. From the Hopi to the Hunkpapa old timers tried to warn humanity but nobody listened. Personally, I am elated that we are poised to see events never before witnessed by modern civilization. And we all will have a ringside seat boys and girls.

Funny, I just talked to my brother back on the rez about this very thing today. And yup, we have our lawn chairs at the ready along with a case of ice tea to sip as the world runs around like chickens with their heads off. It’s that tea that comes in giant green cans. That way I don’t have to get refills and possibly miss all the excitement, you know. Maybe get some “end of the world” pretzels and pig skins to munch on. That’s the ticket. We have Duct Tape and metal cloths hangers back home so survival will not be an issue provided we don’t get whacked first. But if we do, it ain’t nothing but a meatball since we know where we will be going, back home. Sadly, I will miss spell check because of that lack of electricity. So I’ll probably just carve stories on rocks like them other guys did way back when. My people were on survival mode since conquest anyway so not much will change for us. Course my cousins won’t be hitting me up for gas money or rides anymore so there is a bright side to all this eh. Gourd rattles and drums don’t need electricity so our socials will not miss a beat. The end of processed foods and all that modern junk will spell the end of diabetes and other ills we have suffered as well.

I just love a happy ending, don’t you?


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