NATIVE VUE EXCLUSIVE, Mel Gibsons secret phone conversation.

NATIVE VUE EXCLUSIVE, Mel Gibsons secret phone conversation.

This conversation was recorded while Mel was driving around in his PT Cruiser, a pocks of a car. It is relatively one sided since I could not get the other voice on the recording.

“………..well if you were not so pushy. Maybe the public would not have gotten so up in arms over it. Yeah, Yeah, Yeah I did that already. I showed the Indian’s whacking people on the alter. Yup, plenty of blood and gore like you wanted.

Look your Holiness, Vatican or no Vatican, everyone already knows you guys swiped all the gold. That Cortes dude spilled the beans a long time ago. Double Speak? No, I did not try that angle yet. King George jacked that up for us anyway.

Verdammen Sie Intellektuelle !!!!

Can I speak frankly your Holiness? Ich weiß, was dies angefangen hat. Es ist die Juden wieder. Ich weiß, dass es unser heiliges Recht ist, Zionismus zu unterdrücken. Die Lage scheint, von zu kommen Native Vue…..”

After that, I lost the signal.