MEL’S CHOICE, a list of future TV projects from the desk of you know who.

MEL’S CHOICE, a list of future TV projects from the desk of you know who.

1. Adolf and Eva, a sitcom set in the late 1940’s in New York City. Basically, it’s about an immigrant couple, Adolf and Eva Shecklegrubber. They live above a Kosher Food Deli owned and operated by an older Jewish couple Saul and Rose Zimmermann, also recent immigrants. The fun begins when Saul keeps asking Rose if she recognizes their new tenants. Tempers flare as Saul makes a connection with Adolf Hitler and Adolf upstairs. Course this is impossible since Adolf and Eva are both from Argentina. Definitely a madcap comedy about mistaken identity.

2. Mel’s, Believe it Why Not, a TV series similar to Ripley’s Believe it or not. Only difference is, Mel tries to disprove history from all over the world. Mel will prove beyond a shadow of a d ought that there was no way Germany could kill off 6 million Jews. He also proves that the ancient people of Meso America were simply blood thirsty savages in capable of advanced thinking in the sciences and that all their Codecies were simply porn. This fun action packed show will have challenges to Mel’s insights. In one episode our hero Mel will hold his ground on the 6 million Jews thing as he squares off with some old man with a few numbers scribed on his forearm. Of course, Mel shows him up as a fraud and has him dragged off the set by his S. S. Studio Security. The challenge to his Meso American theory is simply dispatched when Mel calls the L.A.P.D. and has members of both the Aztec and Maya people arrested for loitering while they wait in the parking lot. You go Mel…..

3. Guess That Torture,, a clever addition to George Bushes successful bid to increase and expand torture techniques used by the CIA and other government entities. Guests select minorities of their choosing. then they guess what form of torture Mel is using on them as they scream and bleed all over the sound stage. The fun begins when Mel invites the guests to exact the same amount of pain on the select victim as he did. Blood flies and the fun begins as contestants try to match Mels torture.

4. Joseph and I, a quasi religious show where Mel reflects on verses, psalms and speeches from his favorite spiritual leader, Joseph Goebles. Definitely family oriented and a show for the whole family to enjoy. Pray with Mel as he asked his G*d for total rule of the masses and brings America to it’s full glory. Sing along with Mel as he sings songs of joy, happiness and the total destruction of Jews and Natives across the America’s.

5. My manifest Destiny , another quasi religious show where Mel takes the viewer back in time and shows history the way it was meant to be told. Learn why the explorers chose to lie about the ancient cultures across the America’s. Learn why it was G*D’s will that all the gold was removed from blood thirsty savages. Learn the truth about Eugenic’s, G*D’s New World Order, and why Natives and Jews are not a part of the human race. Learn why it is OK to steal, lie and murder species of lessor primates like monkies, Jew’s and Indian’s. Find out where grants are so you can get paid while you kill. You’ll be a moral warrior after you watch this show.

What will Mel’s next territorial demand be?