Nora Bernard, noted Aboriginal Activist who spearheaded the successful 5 billion dollar law suite against the Crown (Canadian Government) on behalf of Indian Residential School Survivors, was found dead under suspicious circumstances.

According to police officials Nora Bernard was found dead in her Truro Nova Scotia home after a 911 call. This would not be the first time an Aboriginal Activist died under suspicious conditions in Canada or anywhere else on this continent though. From a Native perspective I find a strange coincidence in the deaths of our champions regardless of the official reports by authorities. Some of our heroes are debased before their bodies are in the ground as a form of justification regardless of the circumstances surrounding their deaths. And now, the death of a true heroine to the Native people of Canada dies. It was also reported family members believe it could have been a heart attack. I will await the final determination since police authorities found her death suspicious in any event. It makes me wonder if spin doctors are afoot already. Yea just can’t trust what you read these days.

Since the time of Montezuma’s wrongful death by the hands of the conquering people, (Cortez), Native champions have mysteriously died or were simply murdered since time immemorial. Remember Sitting Bull? Though it is not obvious to non Native people, within the Native world it is all too apparent to us. Our heroes are ear marked for assassination or public debasing at some time in their future. It is not a surprise since we as a people are artificially suppressed, our news watered down or not mentioned at all in the main stream media. You can’t connect the dots if the dots are not known in the first place. The world at large never gets the real picture and is fed lies about our true condition and plight. Established Native journalists have to walk a tight rope so as not to upset their funding sources. That’s how it goes eh.

For Native journalists and activists it is an occupational hazard since we know at some point in our careers we face the very real possibility someone will whack us, it’s as simple as that. Character assassination is another ploy used to discredit us to the outside world regardless of the merits of our news or causes. I know many true Native activists and sadly, we all know our death songs since it is only a matter of time before we take a hit mortally, financially or credibility wise. But the bullet seems to be the best way of silencing our heroes these days. Out of sight, out of mind, bada bing, bada bang, bada boom, Capice?

None dare call it conspiracy fore that would mean there is an undercurrent of assassins waiting to knock us off if we upset the ox cart. Our crime is exposing the raw hatred that exists for the original inhabitance of the America’s. Our crime is speaking the truth that never seems to make the press or simply ignored. I guess the death of a 72 year old grandmother just pisses me off big time. I truly hope she crossed from natural causes but will we actually know the truth? Double Speak is the order of the day anymore. Tell a lie long enough and it will become truth it seems.

With President Bush signing executive orders that clearly nullify the Constitution and the Bill of Rights it will not be long before legislation is passed by both the Democrats and the Republicans to silence the internet for national security sake. It is in black and white for all to see but do you think this lemming society pays attention? Not a chance since the wheels of censorship have already begun to turn and it will be all about “Homeland Security”. What really frosts my cookies is the fact all presidential candidates don’t make any mention of the new absolute power Bush gave the presidency in the last few months, in direct violation of the Constitution of the United States I might add. Why, because they also want this new power to dictate what is best for the people. They all hunger for this power to control the once free nation called America. But from a Native standpoint, it’s the same ole same ole since we live in captivity anyway. Only now, everyone else will get an opportunity to taste what it’s like living in captivity. Corporate Fascism has come full circle and now they are consuming their own and it’s all about the money Paisan, Capice?

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