Being a street kid, I got a kick out of watching ole George W. Bush get hustled by North Korea. So N. Korea is dismantling their nuclear program. Course the deep pockets of the American public will pay off Georges tryst with EGO to the tune of about $400 mil or so, maybe more. Why didn’t he bomb the crap out of them since they did not jump to his command? You don’t think it has anything to do with oil do you? Naw, that’s just poppycock, hearsay or conjecture. Maybe he was chicken.

But it would appear Pyongyang street kid Kim Jong II just got over on Big Bad Bush. The ink is not even dry on the deal and N. Korean news is reporting that this is only a “temporary” halt to their nuclear program. TEMPORARY , LOL!!!!. George is on the boob tube bragging as I write this piece. And I’m reading news releases from South and North Korea at the same time. This is humor of the highest order and laughter is good for the soul, thanks George.

“Hey George, it’s only temporary so don’t get all excited just yet”

Poor kid, he didn’t even read the fine print. And it reads;


Subject to cancellation without notice
Offer void in California, New Jersey, North Korea and New Mexico
Terms and condition dictated by Kim Jong II LLC, Pyongyang, N. Korea

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