CHRISTMAS AND THE CLOCK, or insights from an old buzzard


CHRISTMAS AND THE CLOCK, or insights from an old buzzard

I remember when I asked my uncle about what Christmas meant to him. He sat there and pondered. In the process, I think I found where I got my sardonic wit from as well. “Oh, that’s that holiday for the White Man’s religion where they celebrate Christ’s birthday. He’s one of the Creators messengers who was betrayed then nailed up on a cross”, he said. Then he went on, “It’s also the only time when the White Man has a “Give away”.

Then he noticed me checking out my watch and he went on about that to. “So nephew, you have one of them clocks. I never use them, I’m not like the White Man who needs clock to tell me when I’m hungry. Besides, nephew, I live on Indian Time”.

And when you realize the short history of Christmas and the fact it was not even officially recognized by the White Man’s religion until the Early 20th Century. Yea just got to wonder.

The true history of Christmas goes back to the 3rd Century anno domini anyway. Ole Pope Julius and Constantine actually changed the excepted date of Christs birthday to the Roman holiday of Saturnalia, Dec 25th. The dynamic duo changed other “Christian Holidays” to fall on other “Pagan” celebrations and holidays’. Funny how this change was about having the population under one flag, so to speak. It was more about control of the masses. (smile)

Add all the other Pagan rituals and traditions such as the Yule Log and there you have it. Another Madison Avenue designed holiday designed to glean a handsome profit. I can almost hear, “Rudolf The Red Nosed Rain Deer” playing now. So sweet, so simply and so filled with joy. Good thing Montgomery Ward had the song written to foster good cheer, good will and a desire to spend spend spend.

Injuns never needed a specific holiday to give. Fact is, it was always an honor and a privilege to give to someone, regardless of tribe. We have “Give Aways” at gatherings all the time. Besides, we celebrated the Solstices. You remember, that seasonal thing.


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