Paris Hilton Wins /2008

Paris Hilton Wins

In a landslide victory Paris Hilton won the presidential election in the greatest upset in US history. Well, not really but from a factual point of view the election might as well have been won by Paris since the media selected the candidates, not the people. It’s shameful that both political factions had a major network plugging their propaganda and total spin on the elections though. Course Keith Obermann appears to be the most real of them all, the twisted devil that he is. The void left by Tim Russert’s passing has yet to be filled. It would have been interesting to see Sarah Palin on his show indeed.

Ron Paul was simply ignored and made ridicule of for his stance on the Constitution and the corporate criminals who’ve hijacked a country. Though he managed to garner record breaking loads of money and support the main stream media simply ignored him. Without equal time afforded other candidates his position was obscured and/or distorted. In most cases the media simply lied strategically. With the Constitution of the United States as his platform it is a sure bet corporatists did not want him to get any momentum. With all the obstacles placed in front of him he still managed to plant the seed of true democracy in the hearts of millions. The corporate owned media snuffed out his candidacy, not the voting public.

With friends in the mainstream media I know how tied their hands are when reporting some stories. Freedom of speech has silently become impinged with technical unconstitutionality. Money buys influence and tainted news is the outcome, in this case a presidential election. The fact both McCain and Obama were animate about the bogus Bail-Out as well as NAFTA and other One World garbage should have been an indicator the fix was in this election year. Their core tenets parallel George Bush’s only the superficial is different. We are going to be feed the same old stale cake as before. Only difference is the flavor of the frosting, Capice?

Purported to be the first African American President it should also be noted his non African side of the family is also a member of the “Presidents Club”. Hillary Clinton and Dick Cheney also share his blood line dating back to Colonial times and jolly ole England, go figure. Therefore I don’t see much change except at the onset. In all sensibilities the fate of humanity as opposed to blatant corporate interests lay in the hands of Obama’s rich African ancestry fore the “Presidents Club” has brought America to her knees. Ironically Darfur comes to mind as humanity turns a deaf ear on the cries of the innocent. Possibly Obama will hear their cries from the compassionate side of his persona. Will he keep his promise to the Indigenous community or will it be just more pandering as usual every election year? One thing is for certain. On November 15 George W. Bush will make his pitch for a One World economical solution for the current crisis. It will be interesting how see Obama’s position on George’s scam.

The World Economic Summit on Nov. 15th will expose the actual international players in the bogus One World Order. It will also be the dying breath of national sovereignty for every nation who plays into this thinly veiled attempt to take over the world. Of course the voice of the people will not be heard, no matter what “free world” country one resides. Corporatism at it’s finest as the fate of the world population is dictated by industrial concerns. The term “socialism” was tossed around during the presidential campaign. Sadly this was likened to closing the gate after the horses got out.

Nothing like being a stick in the mud I always say eh. As if on queue, a charismatic leader rose from the ashes of a broken economy. Interestingly enough are the many tales of the time of change that make mention of a charismatic figure that would come to pass. The road to hell is lined with good intentions they say. Also mentioned in many sacred works is a critical chain of events that coincide with the introduction of this champion of men. Intentional or not his stewardship will guide humanity further towards a new form of tyranny. I venture to say economical, doi!

Whether or not mankind is aware of this turn of events varies from dogma to dogma. Some speak of humanity struggling to find their path in a time of chaos while others believe “they” are selected to survive at the expense of others. One shared belief is mankind will be thrust at the doorsteps of tyranny. But as this turn of events comes to pass Ma Earth throws a monkey wrench into the works. What was once considered important will be of no consequence since survival would be the order of the day. You know, that elements of the four directions stuff. The reality of it all is that it was inevitable and it does not matter who or what started the cycle we are on. This was not humanities first rodeo with a mass extinction either.

On the other side of the coin Obama’s strong African roots may be just the perfect adversary to the status quo and conventional wisdom that haunts Washington. He could very well be a wild card in the stacked deck of political poker. I’d be happier than a dog in heat if Obama averted world catastrophe and altered the course of human history. Maybe humanity will have a chance and possibly Obama would put corporate interests in their proper place. It would be totally awesome if Obama struck down all the executive orders Bush signed into effect giving the President of the United States absolute power ignoring the Constitution of the United States of America and ignoring national sovereignty world wide. Would be so bitchen if Obama struck down all Bush’s crappola under the conditions Bush violated the terms of his contract with America. The fact Bush violated the Constitution, the very document he swore to honor and uphold voided his presidency. Then the Treasury Department slaps a lean on George’s Crawford Ranch, Arrests Dick Cheney and Karl Rove on charges of high treason. Striped of all his worldly possessions, George Bush goes back to drinking and drugging. Laura divorces George and moves in with Conan O’Brian.

National leaders who were chums with President Bush would be rounded up by INTERPOL and Scotland Yard in a worldwide sweep of corrupt politicians. It would be discovered Tony Blair was working in a popular coffee Shoppe in Winnipeg Canada under the assumed name Maurice. Covered in lice, Karl Rove would weigh 105lbs and living in a homeless camp along the railroad tracks in Glendale California when he was arrested. Dick Cheney would be stalking David Letterman when he was finally captured, dressed in a bunny suite. Oh what a wonderful world it will be.

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