I remember the first Popsicle I ever tasted. My auntie used to make it for us when we were kids. And from what I could see, it was not that hard to make. But it was the loving care that made it special.

When the rest of the world had refrigerators. Our community was still using Ice Boxes. There was a big white freezer at the end of the lane. For a dime a giant block of ice would come out. Then we would place the giant ice cube in the top of the ice box. The ice would last a couple days and the food would keep. At least till the ice finally melted.

Every Friday, this truck would show up and refill the ice machine. The driver would come and hoist block after block of ice out of his truck. Would take him an hour or so to fill this massive freezer. But in the process, shards of ice would break off.

The ice man was very nice to us kids. Something very unusual for the times we lived. When he was done with loading the ice. He would collect all the shards of ice and give it to us in a box. Sometimes there would be major ice shards, sometimes not. But regardless of the bounty, we ran up the hill to auntie and gave her the box of ice.

Then she do her magic. When she returned, all the ice shards had a coating of sugar and lemon on them. She would hand them out to us and we would all run to the shed and eat our cool sweet treat in the shade. What a joy it was to slurp down this sweet cool treat. I used to lick off all the sweet and lemon flavor then enjoy the cool ice. Hmmmmmmmmmm, it was great.

If there was allot of ice in the box, she would make us seconds. But if there was only a few, she would make sure all us kids had some. There was nothing better in our eyes since our auntie made it with love. Surely, it was our first Popsicle fore we were not aware of other confections back then.

Sometimes we would sit around the radio and listen to stories of Peter and the Wolf since it was the only kid record we had. We would listen to it over and over again. Each of us taking turns being the wolf. But all the time, we would be slurping down our icicles. We did not know we were poor and living in abject poverty. For me, it was a time of bliss since I had not experienced racism or hatred yet. Coincidentally, the only white person I ever saw was the truck driver who gave us the ice. So I had a completely different idea of what Veho or White People were all about. Boy was in in for a shocker.

Hmmmmm, I also remember the first TV we kids ever saw. It was a black and white, or should I say black and green…..lol. Anyway, that’s another story.