Well I’ve heard enough commentaries about Russell to last a lifetime. Seems the arm chair observers had their say, Russell is this, and Russell is that. So what, Russell is this and that and I could give a flying crappola. People seem to forget all the good Russell did in his day. People seem to forget he was involved in the Native movement before it was chic’. Russell made his bones and did time in the joint for his participation in the Native movement. Who was on Alcatraz Island back in the day? Russell. Who participated in the take over of Mount Rushmore and the BIA in Washington DC? Russell. And we all can’t forget the infamous stand off and political railroading of Wounded Knee back in 1973, or did we all forget that part.

Yup there are sour grapes over some of Russell’s antics. But that’s our bitch or snivel, not some outside observers who don’t have a clue. What I find patently offensive are some of the lame reasons, “He’s just an actor, He is just looking for the money, He does not represent the whole nation” or whatever else most of these boneheads toss in. So what, apparently there are several thousand people, not just Russell, who want change even in the face of all adversity. Are we going to ignore these human beings simply because we don’t like the messenger or the tip of the spear? Does this become a non news story?

Within the Native world that I reside we are a people of many opinions and we don’t simply follow the beat of one mans drum. We are as diverse as Europe as far as nations are concerned. Russell is not an isolated enigma within the Native World fore he has many followers and support multi tribally just in case you did not know boys and girls. So he is no cherry, who is eh? I know I’m far from cherry so get over yourself.

Cheyenne way is to “Go On” after we take a hit or spill in life. That is, we always move forward but remembering the lesson we just learned. We don’t dwell on the past or drag skeletons around for all to gawk at for the most part. We are not like the non Native world of mud slinging and dragging up the past fore everyone has a past if you look hard enough. Funny how all the organized religions preach, “Let Yee Who Hath Not Sin Toss the First Stone”, what a crock of Moose Droppings eh. Excuse me while I barf.

So as this band of Lakota People (Republic of Lakota) struggle in the face of all adversity, turn you head and pretend people are not risking their lives to make a statement. If the feds deal with these men women and children with the iron fisted tactics they usually use, are you going to say, “Ah that was Russell’s deal anyway”? Are you going to ignore the fact human beings who are desperate for change dared to buck the status quo? According to BIA spokesman Gary Garrison; “They, (Lakota Republic) are going to end up like all the rest of the groups who have declared themselves independent-they end up arrested and put in jail”. The stage is being set for a showdown in any event.

I’ll bet if this move towards independence gathers steam everyone and their uncle will want to join their ranks. Everyone will want some of the pie and enrich themselves with the fruits of glory. They will have forgotten their negative words, the lacking of empathy or support they once showed. And by the same token, when the going gets tough, all the rats will abandon ship……lol.

I don’t buy into many things, but I honor courage. This band of Lakota People (Republic of Lakota) are making history though the mainstream media does not make recognition. When the BIA moves in there will not be a sound from the mainstream, it will be a non event except to the Lakota who get imprisonment. Course the media was in part responsible for the rampant hatred and wholesale murder of our people back in the day. Or do you remember that part of our history? Seems Bolivia is taking this declaration of independents seriously as well as other nations of the world though. In Indian Country Today Russell was quoted as saying;

”I maintained from the get-go I do not represent, nor do the free-thinking, free-seeking Lakota want to have anything to do with, the ‘hang around the fort’ Indians, those collaborators with the government who perpetuate our poverty, misery and our sickness – in other words, our genocide. They are part and parcel of that genocide. I couldn’t care less what the bought-and-paid-for, ‘hang around the fort’ Indians represent or what they say. End of conversation,” Means said.

“Hang around the Fort Indians” now that’s a tongue twister. We call them “Fort Scroungers” where I come from and there are many. I have a personal rub with Fort Scroungers since they are the brown nosers who suck up all the cream before anything ever gets distributed to the rest of people. I know what Russell is talking about eh. I have a group of seniors who have not seen a hot meal in months because Fort Scroungers squandered allotments simply to enrich themselves. I have family members who have to travel for water just to flush their toilets. If there is one position Russell and I agree on it’s the Fort Scrounger issue fore they are worse then the conquering people.

Happy Frigging New Year!

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