As fingers point in all directions about the issue of “Scalping”. I just so happen to be thumbing through one of the books of the Maccabees. No it’s not a restaurant. Anyway, I ran into some character named Antiochus The Great, a Syrian. Think he was a blood descendant of Mel Gibson. Seems he enjoyed performing atrocities and cruelties on a population of people called the “Jew”. In a story it was said that the Syrians used to, “tear the skin from the heads” of the Hebrew population. Reminds me of Chivington and Custer. Remember, “Knit’s make Lice”?

So next time people want to point fingers at us skins, the French, or other culture in regard to the practice of scalping. Point them a few thousands years earlier.

No telling what the Samaritans did eh.

Your Devil’s Advocate