Surviving Earth Changes / 2008

Surviving Earth Changes

Does not really matter which dogma you reside in since the signs of change are pretty much universal eh. The secret to survival is written in every religion of the world. The teaching of brotherhood, fellowship and peace as well as investing in moral fortitude, faith and forgiving are also shared and equally ignored attributes. The division between good and evil was as obvious as black and white but we’ve managed to expand the proverbial “gray area” that separates the two. For what ever reasons, we’ve compromised our moral ethic for some B.S. called the “Greater Good”. There is no greater good if we compromise the very tenet of good in the process. Whence we use evil or wrongful acts to achieve this mythical greater good, it becomes evil masked in good intentions. It’s as simple as that no matter how many excuses one could conjure. It is patently offensive to use religion in support of any greater good proposal and it’s a total contradiction of ideologies and purpose.

The financial turmoil the world is facing is nothing more than a bug in the ointment in comparison to the magnitude of change that abounds at this juncture in human history. None the less, it’s a very important sign if we are paying attention. Rule one for survival in the coming times we face is to shed this unholy bond with material things. We’ve already been betrayed by our politicians who’ve sided with corporate interests. They want all the “stuff” and there is little we can do about it now since we’ve been asleep for so long. So let them have it, it’s truly not worth the fighting that will soon erupt over it. We’ve had riots before so this will not be anything new. The Rodney King Riots made L.A. look like a war zone with all the burning buildings and military equipment all over the place. It’s just that these will be material wars of sorts and those are not our battles. You just have to remember the junk people are fighting for will soon be worthless anyway. If food becomes more of an issue then we will be just like other countries that are already suffering food riots as millions go hungry. I’d be more concerned with keeping my friends and loved ones out of harms way. Where would you go if a major civil disturbance broke out in your neck of the woods? Where will you find water if it all shut down even temporarily? What if a natural disaster eliminates your city or town? Contrary to popular belief, not one spot on Ma Earth will not be spared this time of cleansing by the way, so don’t go flocking to Boulder, gawd. At this juncture every man, woman and child should have an emergency pack they can grab if they needed to get out NOW.

Having a bare minimum of survival gear for every member of the family is a prudent measure for surviving in any event. This is old news but its time to make preparations because anything is possible. You might not have enough time to load up the ole Buick with all the essentials such as Ipods, Playstations and that collection of vintage Mad Magazines. A dear friend of mine barely survived Hurricane Andrew by jumping into the bath tub just as her home exploded. Later she found herself wandering around the devastation of Dade County in a state of shock. She had a giant shard of glass impaled in her chest as well. All she had left was the cloths on her back. Urban or rural, what are the real challenges you’d face if you had to leave your home in just 5 minutes, maybe less?

The sad part about prophecies is the reality much of mankind will not heed the warnings regardless of the messenger or what dogma they resides in. The overwhelming desire to “follow the herd” or simply pretend “all is nice” as well as material lusting will lead to their ultimate demise. In a culture programmed to believe anything they are told on the Boob Tube or Press it is not hard to see much of society will share a common fate. In my tradition it was said the Creator would provide mankind with the truth. The tricky part was recognizing it when it was presented to you.

Recognizing truth and messengers from the Creator are survival skills as well. And from what I’ve learned about the more turbulent times ahead, the realization and practical knowledge of the spirit world and knowing who is cool and who is a pin head (spirits) will all depend on how much you actually know about the supernatural. The Bible has tons of references of how man coped with good and evil spirits. The list goes on and on as dogma after dogma teaches the core understanding of how to deal with spirits. But I’ll be a monkey’s uncle if I hear any of these fancy schmancy preachers teach the practical knowledge their Bibles have written in them, gawd. One such story is of Moses and the plight trying to get his folks out of Egypt. If he did not know the spirit who warned him about the Angel of Death he would not have known to place lamb’s blood above the doors of his peoples homes when death came knocking. If he did not know which spirit was cool he could have listened to another spirit who was full of crappola. No matter what your religion all you have to do is ask “Your Dude” if this spirit is kewl or not. Pray or what ever you do to speak with the Creator, Cosmic Consciousness or whatever and ask. It is as simple as that. No bells, crystals, incense or the sacrifice of your first born is required. Granted you have to get over seeing a spirit and stuff. Get over it, we are spirits as well. Only difference is, we are hefting all this meat (called a body) around while we cruise Earth. There are many types of spirits but that’s a different story.

Now here is the tough one eh. Whence you’d petitioned the Creator to assist you it is imperative you have absolute faith. Everyone talks a mile of bull crap about faith all the time. I hear it everywhere I travel, “Oh I have faith”, and all the while this person will have icons from a bazillion religions, paths and sects. You know, here a cross, there a cross and a few Budda’s smattered with some Native smudge sticks as if a garnish to a religious salad, holay. Being eclectic is what this is called and though being eclectic may be way cool as far as the arts and free thinking is concerned it is disrespectful from the religions point of view. Don’t get your boxers in a knot over it. Having and displaying icons from various religions is not a bad thing. There is nothing wrong with honoring other messengers of the Creator. But mixing your faith among several religions is.

Having absolute faith means you place all your trust in the Creator or Being, period. You don’t take measures “Just in case” one religion does not work. Faith is faith and you can’t mix and match religions. It’s like mixing latex with oil base paint, it just does not work. Why? That’s a no brainer because you are exercising the lack of faith in all the religions you are using. We call it mixing medicine where I come from. And as all Natives know, you never mix your medicine. Having faith is standing defiantly in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds knowing someone has your back. Absolute faith within the context of your dogma and knowing which messenger to trust whence catastrophe comes knocking will be the ultimate survival tool.

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