THANK YOU GRANDMOTHERS for the Life Saving Prayers! / 2007

Blog Entry A message you need to post eh Oct 20, ’07 10:51 PM
by little_running_deer for group lrdjournal

Subj: A message you need to post eh
Date: 10/20/2007 12:21:53 PM Pacific Standard Time
From:    Buffalohair
To:   Ann Little Running Deer

Dear Little Sister,
This story needs to be posted with the grannies since it’s about them. I was going to post it at Vue but I think I rather take it to where it belongs.

Group : Native Storytelling at the Movies

For Our Family and Friends We can always say a prayer for them!


Prayer for our Friends!!!!!!!

As I was preparing to leave for Oklahoma I got a call from my family. My brother was only one day from death since his liver ceased to function do to the effects of cirrhosis. His MELD was a solid 40 and he was not going to get a transplant and he was incoherent. My sister called and said the doctors did not think me would make it another day and here I sit helpless and 400 miles away.
As we all do, I have my ceremonies, customs and traditions that were handed down to me from my elders. Without making mention of these sacred things, I was hard at it as I enveloped myself in our ancient ways while I marked time for the journey to Oklahoma. You know what I mean eh, I was praying all the time and making my vows and I was determined to keep my faith with no exception. And boy, them bad dudes were really messing with my thoughts.
Then I asked “The Grandmothers” for the medicine of prayer to at least keep my brother alive till I was able to get to Oklahoma. I asked in a good way for assistance so as to draw that “medicine” and petition the Creator in our time honored custom.
Today, my dad called and informed me that I did not have to hurry anymore. My heart sank in one fall swoop as I braced myself for the inevitable. In my thoughts I began to curse the situation I was in since I was not able to leave town as of yet. I began to beat myself up over the fact I was in a compromised situation and was beginning to blame myself for not being at my brother’s side at this time. In any event, I could feel the tears welling up in my eyes as I braced myself for the news. You just don’t know how that pit in my belly felt. I was nauseous and this all took place in a matter of seconds while my pop spoke.
I told my dad, “OK give it to me”. Then in his slow methodical Cheyenne accented voice he said, “Son, you don’t have to be in any hurry to get here now, Rayburn your brother, well Rayburn sat up and demanded some food because he was starving. All your sisters were around the bed when he did this. For once in their lives, your sisters had nothing to say because they were without words. The doctors and nurses ran into the room because your brother tore off all them wires he had on and wanted to pee. They could not believe their eyes because this was a death watch since he was beyond hope. Them doctors don’t know what happened. But all of a sudden Rayburn was not so yellow anymore and he was talking like he always does. Them doc’s said he may be able to go to a nursing home in Clinton or Elk City near us till he is better too.”
We all know what happened, it was the “medicine” and I am forever great-full. I still have my niece to deal with and that is a very sad situation. But I will be able to focus much better without having to cope with the emotional impact of loosing my brother.
Hu Ho!


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