The Fabulous Andrea Menard / 2009

The Fabulous Andrea Menard

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In an era where greed and hate prevail it is comforting that one can find solace, peace and tranquility. Through the velvety voice of the ever so talented Andrea Menard I found myself transported to a place where my mind can be at ease. Andrea and Robert Welsh wrote a beautiful song called “Evergreen” the first song of her new album “Sparkle”. Produced by Big Soul Productions and directed by Tony Hrynchuk, this piece is well worth experiencing.


Andrea, a Métis Native from Saskatchewan Canada, has become the ambassador of everything wholesome and pure in Canada. With the magic that Andrea is famous for she pierces the dark shroud of gloom that has engulfed both Canada and the U.S.A. with her beautiful voice in this wonderfully crafted video. I was whisked away from the harsh realities of contemporary life and placed on lush amber and green fields filled with blue skies. In some way I was given hope for the future for she reminded me that there is still beauty and joy in the tumultuous world we live.


Andrea is a magical creature gifted beyond words. Album after album of her wonderful music has proven to be enriching, endearing and well worth the wait. So take a moment of your time to enjoy this well crafted video and escape into the beautiful world of Andrea Menard. Maybe you will find solace and a little piece of mind if but for only a moment. Discover why she one of the top artists of all time.




Evergreen, the video;



For more information and how you can aquire her music contact;




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