Treasure May #3 Script writing:)

Blog Entry Treasure May #3 Script writing:) Dec 1, ’07 10:45 AM
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The scene is of a pick up truck with Oklahoma plates leaving the Pilot Travel Plaza in Gallup New Mexico heading to the east bound on ramp of Interstate 40. Their destination, the rez.

The camera will pan from the pick up truck to a parking place at the travel plaza where it would be obvious Crow and Carlos was parked. Next to their parking spot will be a trash can where you will see a load of Tanka Bars wrappers and a map.

As you notice the map at the top of the pile of rubbish, a gust of wind will blow the map out of the trash can and into the air. At that moment a biker will be pulling into the plaza as the map descends on the face of the unsuspecting biker. He looses control of the motorcycle since he can’t see and slams into the side of a parked car setting off the alarm. Since he was not driving fast the only real damage to the car was a dent to the door and a bent fender of his scooter.

While assessing the damage, Sal the biker hears a shriek from the other side of the parking lot,

“My car, my brand new car!”

Sal turns around to see who is all fired up over the accident. It’s a tall brunet gal with a soda and a sack of munchies. She was a well toed heel and quite a contrast to Sal who was on a road trip to Virginia from L.A. to visit his sister. The girl, Mona was on her way to L.A. for an audition for a reality show.

“Look at my car, it’s totally ruined” said the frantic girl.

Smitten by her beauty Sal responded,

“Hey doll face it ain’t nothing but a meatball I insurance. Don’t sweat the chump stuff eh”

Somewhat shocked by the reply she quipped back,

“I’m not a doll face bub so fork over your insurance information”

Equally surprised be the reply Sal said,

“Oh, umm OK. Let me get the info out of my saddle bag. Hey, and I’m real sorry about this lady. I lost control when this map fell across my face”

Mona snapped up the map to see what it was. She began to study it with great interest while Sal fumbled with all the contents of his saddle bag searching for his insurance card. When he found it, he eagerly turned to the upset motorist. But to his surprise she was in deep concentration while studying this map.

In a very polite and respectful tone he said,

“Umm, miss? Here is my license and insurance. And ah, I’m really sorry about this. I just could not see and it was all my fault. I’m on my..”

His sentence was cut short as Mona commented,

“Did you get a chance to read this thing? It looks like a treasure map of some kind. It’s written in Latin and it has landmarks that look like the area around Southern Colorado. Look, see it says Sangre De Cristo, that’s a mountain rage in that region and in this map are the words Cibola. That’s the Seven City’s of Gold”

Perplexed by this once enraged motorist, he looked to her with amazement. He was at a loss for words as this gal totally lost interest in the accident and was engrossed in this treasure map. He sheepishly said,


She looked him in the eyes and said,

“Park that bike of yours and let me buy you a cup of coffee”

Still shocked my this gals total attitude change he clumsily replied to this dapper gal,

“Ah yea, yea OK. Sure I’ll meet you inside.”

She then turned and with a determined stride she walked back into the travel center.

All the time, Sal was keenly observing this total knock out strut her stuff in a pair of jeans that almost looked spray painted on. Still somewhat taken back by all this, he looked up to the sky in an almost religious pose and remarked,

“Pinch me Lord, is this really happening?”


Creativity is the byproduct of a fertile mind

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