Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind / 2012

Visions & Encounters of the Third Kind and the Turd Kind

From what I’ve discovered over the years spirits of many designs actually need the living to pull off their capers. Star guys are only spirits with spiffy stuff to zip around the universe with and a bazillion toys that can do just about anything I suppose. Other spirits float through walls and perform parlor tricks to intimidate and ultimately control people. But if these dudes were so bad then why do they need earth guys in the first place? Clearly, beings that claim to be ‘all that’ surely are not G*D’s. They express ego and talk smack about how cool they are but on the contrary they are codependent and need us more then they let on. Screw’em!

Years ago I had one of many ethereal conversations with a client of mine when I was his personal bodyguard. He was a member of an ancient secret society, retained an advanced degree within his ilk and proud of his Rothschild lineage. We got on the subject of aliens, UFO’s and space when out of the blue he said; “What makes you think they all come from outer space?” Hmm, that was a good one. Rather than dispel such foolishness about life in space he jumped in with both feet and he gave me some insights from his perspective. Apparently he had encounters of an intellectual nature rather than getting the ole anal exam or chased around a cornfield by orbs with flashing lights. From what I gathered his ‘sacred’ encounter was initially made through his lodge whence he achieved a higher degree. OK so he may have been a nut case, but a multi millionaire nut case with lodge brothers who shared in this sacred liaison with Mork or what ever his name was.

Though I was not in a lodge at the time I’ve encountered star dudes on more than one occasion under many different circumstances through the years, what a pain in the ass. I discovered some were just as lame as spirits from the spirit world who feed on people’s fears to gain control. After you get over the ga ga it is the same ole same ole since there are good and bad beings in the universe and they are dealt with in the same manner as butthead entities who influence spiritually blind earth guys. If Constantine were to realize this fact then he would not have killed in the name of G*D several thousand years ago. Personally I believe he was a total B.S. artist or simply went ga ga when approached by spirits in shiny contraptions. After all, Ramses II concocted the monotheistic religion scam simply to gather troops under one flag and that was Constantine’s goal as well, what a dick.

The waning years of Roman domination made ole Connie a desperate man in need of retaining Roma’s greatness. His miracle in the sky was nothing more than an encounter of the third kind or the turd kind, do the math. Evidence points to the latter and man has been killing in the name of G*D ever since. You just got to wonder, why would G*D break his own commandment simple so Roma could retain it’s dominance of an empire? That was not a sign from G*D.  Man got it all wrong and elitists have been following what I perceive as the proverbial Anti-Christ ever since. It should be obvious that mainstream dogmas from around the world also suffered a similar fate as man mistook evil spirits for good. In it’s wake ‘Holy Wars’ pock marked world history with genocide and killed in the name their respective G*Ds. How far beyond stupid is that?

More people than not have experienced terrestrial, extraterrestrial and spiritual encounters through the ages. From the average Joe to professionals in all quarters of society encounters continue to occur. For the most part many people placed their experiences in a safe place deep within their subconscious because this reality was too much to bear. The very notion of paranormal activity sends them over the edge with fear making them the perfect candidates for unscrupulous beings to take them over mentally. Others are simply in deep denial and rebuke anything to do with supernatural activity. They are also prime candidates for manipulation by evil types, space or spiritual because this is just another expression of fear regardless of their nay saying. But then there are those who’ve grasped the totality and the reality of the paranormal.

The people who’ve grasped the nature of our true existence in the grand scheme of things come in only two flavors, good or evil. On one side there are folks and sects that embraced evil because of the rewards it gleans. From secrets of the universe, technology and the gift of world domination they reap the benefits of their unholy alliance with cracker-head spirits and beings. Their mystical connection with evil supernatural beings was an encounter of the turd kind from the perspective of victims who endured atrocities elitists reined on humanity with impunity. The easiest path to walk is the path of evil for it reaps a material reward as compensation for doing evils bidding and there are plenty of people who literally sold their souls for material wealth over the centuries. They even formed sects that retained this connection with bad spirits and the knowledge they shared. These secular and exclusive organizations live on today and the axiom of greed and deception are their calling card.

Europe was rinsed of their traditional people long before the holocaust of the America’s. Africa continues to suffer unconscionable human suffer at the hands of elitist corporations who denude the land of natural resources in the name of prosperity but for whom? Obviously the sons and daughters of Africa were left out of the loop and continue to live in abject poverty. Cries for democracy from the Mid-East fall on deaf ears as dictators are coddled for crimes against humanity. Their alliances with corporate thugs is getting harder to conceal as the United Nations (Useless Nimrods) skirts crimes against the humanity labeling women & children as rebels to coincide with Assad’s loathsome rhetoric in the case of the Syrian uprising. Egypt can’t forget how the west placed Mubarak thugs in positions of authority after the Egyptian Spring. What were you thinking or was it intentional?

In Asia the Kachin people continue to be slaughtered for their land and natural resources by the hopelessly corrupt government of Burma while the western world rewards eugenics by lifting sanctions. China harvests human organs from unwilling Falun Gong practitioners and other slaves at labor camps, cooked female baby corpses are used as aphrodisiacs and the CCP continues to murder people and whole villages if they are opposed.Tibet continues to be raped by China and her people murdered like rabbits in a barrel. Uyghur’s are singled out and labeled Jihadist terrorists to garner western support because they oppose China’s oppression of their people. The robbery of natural resources and ethnic cleansing on traditional Uyghur land has become an excepted business practice as the corporate west looks the other way. It is probably do to the fact the west is doing the same thing in Africa and South America to the indigenous populations.  

Chinese people continue to kill themselves as the only way to free themselves from tyranny and forced labor to produce goods for American firms but we still buy their fetid blood soaked goods. And the list of atrocities committed in the name of profits continues unabated all because we want a cheap TV or stupid gadget filled cell phone. And it’s all because butthead humans intentionally choose to follow evil spirits of all design. This is evil personified but the list does not end there. The West ignored evils grasp and influence in the past and now they are paying the price for their ambivalence. Austerity is the unscrupulous destruction of national sovereignty by global elitists, the descendants of the original ass kissers of evil entities or space puke. And I find it ironic Greece was chosen as the first nation to have democracy destroyed by the very criminals who bankrupted her. The symbolism behind the destruction of the world first democracy by corporate oligarchists is compelling evidence Greece’s financial disaster was intentional. The empire of greed and deception has counted coup on its first nation under the guidance of evil sewage.

Then there are those who are aware of our realities and choose to walk with good spirits. Their story is not cluttered and distorted by the quest for material wealth at the cost of their soul and the blood of others. The rewards for walking a good path can’t be measured tangibly but spiritually. The wealth of knowledge gained from this sacred union is priceless and there is no monetary figure one could place on the insights good entities provide, especially in the time of change. The destiny of man is carved in stone but evil is working overtime to alter their destiny but that is the fodder of prophetic teachings from around the world.

Open your sacred text and read it for yourself. Unfortunately the good path is writhe with tumultuous events designed to break the spirit and cripple ones faith. There are no stones that will not be turned as evil tries to destroy lives, families and the world in their efforts to conquer the elements of good. Below the belt, you bet but that is to be expected from cowards and vermin who proclaim to be G*Ds and masters of the universe. Paleeze………

According to entities of good from all dimensions of the universe; evil will betray the minions who followed them as the demise of their fetid empire comes irrevocably closer. Generations of elitist loyalty will draw to a close as evil entities scramble to save their own boney asses. Unfortunately for them, they are toast as well as their minions for their efforts to alter destiny will fail. The intangible aspects of change will reveal life that was once considered the stuff of fairytales and science fiction as worlds merge with ours on a grand scale. At some point everyone will know life’s reality but many will still choose the darker more convenient path and race to their own demise, willingly. One woman told me she would rather die in Wal-Mart shopping in a catastrophe rather then face any spirit good or bad. That’s just to lame.

The earth will be indiscriminate as she cleanses herself of everything that causes her discomfort and man is on the top of the list of hemorrhoids that has become a real pain in the arse. Man’s mindless race to rule the world will be answered in a deliberate series of disasters both known to man and events that will stagger the imagination. There will be nowhere one can go that will not face absolute change and it was said many elitists will perish in their man made tombs, their memory erased from the annals of humanity. The laws of physics and chemistry will change rendering contemporary technology useless at best as entities of good make a stand with Ma Earth for humanities sake.

Within my tradition it is said, “The top will become the bottom and the bottom will be the top”. Other dogmatic teachings foretell, “The meek shall inherit the earth”. I say, “You greedy bastards of the elite class are toast so enjoy your platinum toilet while it still has worth because you are about to have a close encounter of the turd kind asshole”. As for you supernatural pinheads of deceit regardless of where you reside your days are also numbered for the spirits of good already have you in their gun sights and there is nothing you and your technological asses can do about it, bada bing, bada bang, bada boom, capice?

I was going to write about my personal encounters and the many different kinds of people who reside within this universe but it does not really matter. If you the individual possess absolute faith within your dogma or ideological principle it will not matter what a spirit or alien entity looks like for you will posses the ability to discern the good from the bad. It is written within your sacred books and oral traditions. I’ll give you a few little tidbits from my personal experiences and encounters though. Not all space travelers require space suits or ships to traverse the universe, all spirits both good and bad speak a universal language we all understand regardless of our earthbound ethnicities and angels are angels not space dudes in metallic Frisbees. For that matter religious icons and the spirits within all sacred teachings and dogmas are just as they appear not to be confused with other entities we will soon encounter. It’s not a secret for the ancients tried in vain to give us the rundown on stone and oral traditions.

I am only one of many people from around the world who shares this knowledge & experiences and if you think you are alone with this sacred knowledge, think again. But please, don’t run around claiming to be a medicine man just because spirits chat with you, that’s soooo tacky. If you want to pick up chicks, find another angle homie because that one will get you into serious trouble in the real world of the paranormal. The spirit world and the so-called secrets of the universe were originally meant for everyone not hoarded by an elite group of thugs who used this knowledge to enslave the world while enriching themselves. And umm, you might find yourself a nice seal skin coat and a quality pair of mukluks because after global warming will come the great chill. There will also be places on earth the snow will fall for weeks if not months burying communities so deep they will be impossible to recover. That’s what they say, so don’t blame me.

In some regions people will experience the temporary loss of atmosphere from celestial events our alchemists never knew existed, to the tune of about -456 F so grab a sweater. Don’t ask me for a timeline, ask your sacred dude because this info will be exclusive to those living in that region so have your spiritual ducks in a row or you might miss the warning. December 21st 2012 will only mark the end of one cycle and the beginning of another. Earth changes have already begun and will continue well beyond the 21st as Ma Earth counts coup on stupid earth guys and pinhead entities of evil. Even the good guys will have to break a sweat to survive but having a spiritual connection will definitely be the cats meow and increase survivability a thousand fold.

Opps, I may have mixed visions with conversations I had with good spirits and space dudes, sue me. I’ve also seen earth after the change but I’ll save that for another time provided the plug is not pulled yet. All I can say is if there was ever something to live for it would be the future when the buffalo return to the plains and humanity is the law of the land. Yup, there is life after change but if you are way into materialism then you might be better off following the false G*D of your choosing. It will be to boring for you in the future provided you survive. Take it or leave it, it’s all on you now.

Your Devil’s Advocate


© 2012, Buffalohair Productions. All rights reserved.

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