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Multiply closing Shutting Down!

Aug 17, ’12 10:50 PM

Multiply closing Shutting Down! Aug 17, ’12 3:40 AM
for everyone

Hello. Stefan here, writing you from Multiply HQ in Jakarta, Indonesia.

As most of you are probably aware, Multiply’s mission has evolved over the past year and a half to become the biggest and most beloved ecommerce marketplace in two very exciting markets, Indonesia and the Philippines. As our focus has shifted, we have reviewed all of our operations, and made some decisions that will affect everyone here.

  • From December 1st, we will unfortunately no longer be able to support Multiply in its current form – notably we will be removing the social networking and content sharing part of Multiply (photos, videos, blogs, social messaging, etc.). We have decided to discontinue providing and hosting these services, as we have concluded that other Internet sites who are committed to social networking services will do a better job serving you than we can.

  • For our existing users of social networking features, we will be providing easy ways for you to either download your stuff (photos, blogs, content, etc), or migrate it to other online services. We’ll announce the precise details shortly. It will be your choice whether to download, migrate or just let your content lapse (and get deleted).
  • For our existing ecommerce users (both buyers and sellers) in Indonesia and the Philippines, there will be no action required.
  • Regarding any existing Multiply Premium subscriptions we will refund any unused balance, and apologize for any inconvenience this will cause. Please contact customer service to request a refund. Note that this is for Multiply Premium, not the ecommerce related Multiply Trust product.

I am aware of how disruptive this news may be, and understand the disappointment that it may cause. Ultimately this was a business decision, critical to our to success moving forward. Instead, we are excited to pursue our own mission to give the 350 million consumers in Indonesia and the Philippines a great way to buy and sell items online. Our singular focus now is for Multiply to retain its status as a vibrant e-commerce destination in Southeast Asia in the years ahead.

I suspect that many of you will not like this news, and am sorry to have to deliver it now. I hope that you will be able to understand the reasons for our decision and thank you for being a part of the Multiply community over the past eight years.


Moving Time before in 2008

Note Welcome to Multiply! Groups Migration Help Oct 24, ’08 11:56 AM
by Ann for everyone
Welcome to Multiply!
View Group Profile
The MSN Groups migration tool is now available! Migrate your group to Multiply now.Live in South Florida and want to learn more about Multiply and meet our team? Join us for a casual evening at the Multiply offices in Boca Raton, FL! Learn more here.We’re glad to have you here, and are looking forward to helping make your transition from MSN to Multiply a smooth, painless one.For more help, feel free to post a question here, or you can contact Multiply’s customer service team.
Tags: arcoirismujer, dantcer, faq, msn, multiply, screenshots, support groups, tools, tutorial
Tagbox Common Questions* A word about migrating managers and assistant managers
* What’s the deal with the msn-* IDs?
* What happened to my fancy dividers?
* Where’s my message board?
* What you get with Multiply that you didn’t get on MSN Groups.
* How to fix broken or missing images
* Migration Details: Where did everything go?
* Common MSN Groups features and where to find them on Multiply
* What is Multiply?

Message Discussion area
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* if we wait to migrate later on…
* Incorrect Name
* administrator problem
* What is a group ID?
* I Killed My Group By Mistake
* why my groups have not come over yet
* My Mouse does not have a wheel..
* I’m trying to find my Documents
* Archiving?
* http://groups.msn.com/MariearoseFriendsCommunityRoom

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Guestbooks for Groups
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Typical MSN PSP Group
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How to Make a Tag — especially for Ginny
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Screenshots of exisiting groups
6 Photos, 22 comments

Event Calendar
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Multiply Meet and Greet
Start: Oct 29, ’08 6:00p
Location: Multiply Offices: 6001 Park of Commerce Blvd Suite 300, Boca Raton, FL
We are very excited to welcome you to the Multiply family. To show our appreciation, please join us at the Multiply office for an informal evening of food and drink, meet the staff and learn more about Multiply and the MSN Groups migration process…… more
…. .
Blog Entry Announcements, etc.
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A word about migrating managers and assistant managers
Just like on MSN Groups, it’s possible for a group on Multiply to have more than one administrator (that’s what we call “managers” here) or assistant administrator. Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we’re not able to migrate… more
Previous blog entries:
Oct 17 – What’s the deal with the msn-* IDs?
Oct 17 – What happened to my fancy dividers?
Oct 16 – Where’s my message board?
Link Links
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* Multiply’s FAQ’s
* NEW Questions Need New Note Posted! Staying On Topic
* MSN Groups Resource (From Live) : Step by Step Migration Guide
* MSN Group Migration Tool
* Multiply TAG Information (Terminolgy Difference With MsN)
* EASY WEBSET TUTORIAL USE – Example For Msn Users
* Multiply User Support – Multiply Support Groups – Which one?
* MsN Groups Closing Announcement @ Community Feedback


Note Site Map: How to Find Old Posts by Topics? Click On Tags! Oct 28, ’08 3:08 PM
by Ann for everyone
Oct 28, ’08 3:11 PM Site Map: How to Find Old Posts by Topics? Click On Tags and then their comments as it includes more Information! You will also notice some high lighed Titles are linked also and will take you to another page:)announceartshow!, art work, artbusinesses, bookreviews, buffalohair, buffalohairarchi, buffalohairarchives, businesses, chattingboards, custom page, events, family humor ?, films… movies, friends, genealogy, general, general info2nd, general info3rd, general info4th., happy news!, hello, helpseniorelders, hey! linksgone!, hogfarm standoff, householdhints, hugs, humor adults, knowyourpeople!!, languages, livetalk&radio, love of horses, lrd’scomments:), member’s stories, members books, members poetry, membersgeneral, more tv specials, moreaboutbooks, music & artists, national holiday, native help line, native tv, newstonote, niteskiesupdates, ok, online harassers, our radar screen, our youth sites, poems, pooresttribe?, prayerrequests, quotebuffalohair, recipes, shelterforabused, songs, spirit’stheatre, spoof star trek, stories, talkingstick:), thankyouforvisit, those helping?, treasure map, tribes nations, wado!, welcome, wild foods, withoutinternet, wolves, world news media, wredgranny, yourcausesissues, yourfavpics, yourgardening, yoursoapbox?;o)

Spirit In The Wind , Here Back in 2003 At Windows Microsoft’s Large Groups

Blog Entry older news Alaska authorizes aerial wolf shooting Nov.5,’03 1:27 AM
by little_running_deer for everyone
Wed Nov 5, 2003 
Subject:  Alaska authorizes aerial wolf shooting 
Nothing to do with Italy, but I am against this 100% and it is an
article that makes me very upset. I hope people speak up against
this. Anybody that has experienced wolves first hand will understand
what I am talking about.Alaska authorizes aerial wolf shootingANCHORAGE, Alaska (Reuters) –Alaska hunters will be allowed to shoot
wolves from aircraft for the first time since 1972 under a plan
approved this week by the state Board of Game.The board, which sets policy for state wildlife management,
authorized the aerial wolf control program in limited parts of
interior Alaska where local hunters say populations of moose and
other game have been depleted.

“We’ve seen both wolf numbers increase dramatically and prey
populations — moose and caribou — decrease dramatically,” said Mike
Fleagle, the board’s chairman on Tuesday.

State officials do not want to revert to the days of wolf eradication
programs, he said. But past state policies have been too protective
of wolves, he said. “I just think it’s gone way too much to the
extreme, where we’re deifying the wolves,” he said.

Fewer than 200 of the state’s 15,000 wild wolves will be killed under
the program, which is to take place this winter and to involve
shooting from aircraft as well as land-and-shoot practices, said
officials with the Alaska Department of Fish and Game.

Environmentalists criticized the plan.

“We’re leaping back many decades into old practices, shooting wolves
from the air,” said Paul Joslin, a biologist with the Alaska Wildlife

He and other activists argued that the Board of Game, a panel made up
entirely of hunters, is acting contrary to the wishes of most

Voters in 1996 and in 2000 approved ballot initiatives banning
aircraft-assisted wolf hunting, Joslin pointed out.

Alaska wolves are not classified as threatened or endangered, and
hundreds are killed legally each year by trappers.

But wolf control — killing wild wolves to boost game populations for
hunters’ benefit — has long drawn heated opposition. The last aerial
control program, conducted in the early 1990s, was halted by a
threatened tourist boycott and other expressions of public

“I know that this is going to be a real controversial program. There
are strong feelings on both sides, and it’s a clash of values,” Wayne
Regelin, deputy commissioner of the state Department of Fish and
Game, said at a news conference on Tuesday.


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