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Nothing I hate more than controversy. And for some reason Rob Schmidt decided that it was necessary to confront me over an article. Frankly, I am somewhat dismayed by all this since I was pondering writing a review on Blue Corn Comix. But alas do to the circumstances I do not think it will be possible at this juncture. But there is a bright side to all this since everyone loves controversy and gossipy goodies therefore I’ve shamelessly re-printed my response to Rob for your viewing pleasure…………………….

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Concessions and Compromise / 2007



Concessions and Compromise October 1st, 2007 by admin Since my family is very traditional and walks the path they do I am obliged to walk with them as well. There is no other path nor are there compromises within our customs and traditions. My family are my teachers not some lofty book, advisory board, the … Continue reading »



For whatever reason Rob, you have managed to turn and simple article into some kind of hostile invitation between you and I. And personally, I am at a loss for words since I’ve considered you a colleague and fellow journalist. We both work in similar fields within the multi media world. Come on Bob, we are contributing writers at Native Vue as well. And personally we have never met nor spoke to one another since I signed on this ship. Why have you chosen to bait and badger me with innuendo filled remarks and less than professional commentaries? Do you badger Newsweek when they write an opposing view to yours?

The fact I have to stand before you in a public forum (my blog) in the first place I find totally reprehensible to say the least. Under normal conditions I would simply ignore such foolishness. But since I had the golden opportunity to observe your conduct with your own fans yesterday, I find the need to put an end to this pointless dialogue so you don’t hurt anymore feeling with those who were loyal to you, your fans.

I realize of course that you removed all the hurtful statements you made about Natives and the people who wrote to you at Blue Corn. Therefore I saved your remarks for posterity because I found it most reveling and telling about you and your true nature. Why is it so important for you to find me wrong Bob? Is it because I am Native? What is the impetus that drives you to act in such a fashion as to insult your very own fan base in such a hurtful manner? I believe this situation has nothing to do with Nike Bob, it has everything to do with pettiness and jealousy. Intuition revels more than one can mask fore there are no secrets within the confines of the spirit world. And I read you like yesterday’s mail.

So what, I don’t buy into the form of commercial advertising that Nike chose to use. I did some commercial advertising in my day and from a professional standpoint Nikes campaign was superficial at the very best. Other non Native advertising agencies baulked at Nikes lackluster and brazened approach to selling shoes then telling the world how good they were to us Native’s. Why did you not harass them since they also did not share your viewpoint Bob?

As for you’re clutterous figure filled support of Nike and corporate America. Really, it means nothing to me. Words are just words and most of them are as worthless as the paper they are written on. Just ask anyone of us about treaties, promises and yes big talk from corporate America for this was not the first time we’ve been exploited and it will not be the last. I was very clear as to where I stood on the exploitation of my people. To coin a phrase you tossed at me, you missed the mark completely when you read my article.

Within the Native world we all don’t agree on many issues. We are from different countries, languages and cultures. There are tribal differences and feudal animosities that have spanned generations yet we are civil. This incessantness of yours has caused me not to keep focus since I’ve been trying to write a biography for a popular artist.

So please, lets stop this nonsense and lets move forward fore there are bigger fish to fry in this world of indifference. I simply don’t have the time or energy.

Hu Ho


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