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INTANGABLE MEDICINEThere are few words to describe the medicine I use when fighting sickness. At best it’s called “Intangible”, yea, whatever. I deal with the spirits who are causing the disease, counsel, herbs, and ceremony back on the rez. Fortunately for my sister and I, we have a medical doctor who is very aware of Indigenous spirituality and our holistic approach to sickness. Since my sister has a white man’s disease, we must incorporate white man’s medicine. There are proteins, whole blood, and the wide variety of blood tests that I simply can’t provide. The doctor we are using is working with me and sharing all the data I need to develop a diet for my sis.

And yea wanna know something? Ba Da Bing, my witch’s brew is beginning to make a difference in the production of red blood cells. I’ve studied her blood tests intensely for the last month. I researched adnauseum the exact nutrients my sister was deficient in, and there was and still are many. But I first assaulted her body’s inability to process the food she ate and she ate very little if at all. Her blood count was 5 and no one knew how she was still conscious. My beautiful sister was skin and bones with a gigantic bloated belly, ascites. Her skin was bright yellow as well. She was dying. One blood test showed me the exact chemicals her body was lacking, the very chemicals that break down foods and minerals so they can be transported in the blood cells. Good grief, no wonder she was so anemic, she was literally starving to death. I designed a diet for her exclusively since I’ve been following the results of the blood tests. Not bad for some grease ball off the streets capice?

By no means is she out of the red. Her body has taken a major hit and mortality is still a very serious concern. But the most important medicine she received was from our people. I took her back to the rez so the people who’ve been praying for her could see her. They wanted her to realize how connected she was with everyone in our village. We went to a Pow Wow at the center and everyone was there. Then the drum and singers began to sing our ancient songs.

Though we all were poised in stoic stance, there was something going on. I began to feel the medicine of my people as they prayed for my sister, so did sis. It was very overpowering indeed. My eyes began to swell with tears with every stroke of the drum. My body felt this sensation of belonging and being a part of something very special, my people. I knew they wanted to recharge her spirit and help her heal within out customs. I knew she needed this medicine so she could help make herself well. But I did not realize they were recharging my spirit as well. And I must admit, my spirit has taken a major hit dealing with my sister’s illness. I put my life on hold while I franticly tried to find a solution for her plight.

I’ve never walked away from a fight and I was not about to start, regardless of the odds. But readying myself for battle could not stop the anguish and pain within my heart. Just viewing her emaciated body enshrouded in the yellow veil of death simply brought my spirit to its knees and coping with her mortality was a most monumental challenge. Would this be my Achilles Tendon?

Well, my sis and I made it back home with a new resolve and a head of steam. We also have an air of positivity about us now. The medicine of our people has taken the edge off of our situation. We can face the storm with determination and the drum beats loudly within each of us. From what all the doctors tell me, she is alive because of shear determination. And hopefully, her big brother can pull off one more caper. Like the ole saying goes;

“When the going gets tough, the tough gets going. Ba Da Bing, Ba Da Boom, Ba Da Bang”

Well, it goes something like that anyway………….

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