PIZZA HUT / 2006



Then there was the time I took my kids to Pizza Hut. It was just one of them family outings. The kids loved pizza anyway. So off we went. It was early in the evening and it was getting dark.

We enjoyed the flavor of the outing and ate pizza till we were full. Of course, I had my pizza with pineapple, is there any other way? We finished and I went to pay the bill. Abe, my son was always in competition with Sara and Angie, my other kids to see who would get the exalted FRONT SEAT. The usually deal eh.

Abe took off like a cannon, he was going to make it first. Angie and Sara did not even see him go, but I did. I bolted for the door since Abe was in a full gait.

Without looking, Abe ran into the parking lot and into the night. I just made it to the sidewalk when this pizza delivery car came into the parking lot, He was moving. Abe did not see the car and was still making his way to our car. It was a classic scenario. Little boy in the direct path of a fast moving car.

There was no way, I could stop what was about to transpire. All I could do was pray at that moment. Again, the slow motion 70’s ending thing. It all happen so fast, I could not believe this was happening. Abe was about to be killed and I was helpless. I screamed for Abe. but he did not hear me. The driver of the car did not see him either. It was going to be curtains for my boy, there was no doubt. You can imagine all the thoughts that passed as I watched in horror as my boy was about to die.

Then as the car came to where my little boy was. Like out of nowhere. Abe was thrust backwards and into my arms. At first, I thought the car hit him and threw him back. the car stopped with a screech of rubber on the pavement about 20 feet past where Abe was on the asphalt. Surely, he could not stop in time.

The guy behind the wheel ran to me and was all shaken up, so was I and so was my baby boy. What the heck happened? I checked Abe for and aft, stem to stern. Not a mark on him. The guy was in tears, he was apologizing and felt real bad. We even checked out his car, not a scratch or make anywhere.

But something happen out there that blew us all away. Seems someone or something picked up my boy and chucked him back into my arms. He was not struck by this car, he was rescued. Even the driver was completely amazed that Abe did not have a mark on him fore he surely knew he hit him. There was no way he could miss him.

Then Sara, my youngest daughter chimed in with her “Libra weighing the facts” composure. “Oh dad, it was that angel who saved Abe.”. I looked over to where Abe once was and only caught a flash of something or someone. And poof, it was gone, vanished into thin air. Abe also said he felt hands grab him up.

I did not need convincing and when I got home, I made a tobacco offering and thanked the spirit who came to the aid of my little boy. And of course, Maheo’, the Creator.

But my kid does not run into traffic anymore and I bet the pizza delivery guy watches his speed from now on when he pulls into the parking lot. And I know miracles happen everyday.

Hu Ho!